Cannabis schizogenic?

Views anyone?

I only needed to look at that for 2 seconds to draw my conclusion. Stupid propaganda rumors, Why do people still listens to other peoples non sense Are you all that easily influenced? I smoke I go to bed wake up at three take my seroquel then I wake up at 10am. What is the use or worth to explain to an audience who is deaf on the benefits of God’s ■■■■■■■ plant. What??? Do I need to start a campaign saying WEED IS GOOD? Well not for every one. We know this. But the sheep like following is herded by 50 year old propaganda reefer madness. They still think marijuana is a drug, up there with dangerous drugs that will destroy you. But god’s good herb? GTFO, it is easy to influence a lie. But harder to influence the truth. Now to those who can without losing their marbles smoke a bowl and chill. I believe is 50/50 when it comes to pot which is surprisingly good, since all the negative brain washers. Prohibition on alcohol was uplifted, next is pot. It’s inevitable people are trying it and seeing that it is not A DEVIL plant cmon that is absurd, pot is harmless I got soo many facts you would fall asleep reading about the positive benefits of pot. Wake up think for yourself, and turn off that propaganda. Peace.

I’ll try and remember to watch this later. Will bookmark it.

This relieves me of the guilt that my pot smoking caused or created my mental condition. In my mind, the burden was all mine and I deserved what happened to me. Knowing that my pot smoking just preceded sz and that it was not my fault is a good thing: it’s one less thing to think and obsess over.