Some pdrs are dumb

They don’t like it when you tell them that a med made you better in the past. They don’t like it when you tell them what to do. I was more active and had less negative symptoms on Zyprexa in the past, he took me off it bcz they thought its causing high liver enzymes. I told him my liver enzymes were high in my blood tests even before I had sz. So stupid. Now I still have high liver enzymes and I am not even on Zyprexa! Can’t wait until I get my new pdr, in the meantime I will keep bombarding my current pdr with phone calls to get Zyprexa until he gives up.


ive had the opposite experience, my pdoc basically lets me do whatever I want and would basically prescribe anything except antidepressants.

because of that I had a couple issues with stimulants and sleep meds, primarily because I have old drug abuse habits. So twice I got stimulants prescibed and abused them both times even though i told myself Id be responsible with it.
I am not one of those people who can be responsible with stims.
and the zopiclone med I actually took 30 pills the first time I tried without any memory of actually it taking them all. I just woke up the next day with an empty pill bottle beside me.

So both stims and sleep meds are out for me.

the only thing the pdoc really asks is if I would wear a medical bracelet incase of me having a manic or psychotic episode and ending up in some random town or bad situation.

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Maybe that’s how pdrs are in your country. I am in Canada, health care is free and as a result its extremely hard to see a pdr. You need a reference letter from a general Dr to see a pdr, you can’t see him directly. For that reason general Drs ignored my requests to see a pdr about my violent voices and I was only offered a pdr after a nearly successful suicide attempt that landed me in the emergency due to poisoning and liver failure.

ill give you an example of how loose this pdoc is on prescribing.

so I tell her i think ritalin will help. so i tried it , within a week I took like 60mg just chasing a high.
so I threw it out. Months went by, I was still having bad negative symptoms so i decided ill try again and be responsible.

I see the pdoc, I tell her It worked but I feel I ended up abusing it and took too much. She said “oh dont worry everyone does that, its like you have a headache and take a few tylenols”. LOL
So i said maybe I should try again.

so she says ok sure we will prescribe 90 pills. Oh and don’t worry if you use more just fax the pharmacy and Ill approve more.

See thats complete opposite spectrum

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Can you see a pdr directly in your province or you need a reference like here in Quebec?

you need to get on a wait list, then once your in and signed up with the pdoc, you can make an appointment any time.

so i could call in now and get in next week or the week after.

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I saw 3 different general Drs about my bad voices, I asked for a pdr, they all refused and said the waiting list is at least 1 year waiting. I think in the US its much easier to see a pdr but healthcare is not free.

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i had the same issue actually. my regular doc put me on a 1 year wait, that pdoc was totally useless. so i gave up for a while,

then went to a therapist and she said i needed to see a psychiatrist asap. so she called in till she could get me referred into a good one.

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maybe try going to one private therapy appts and see if they can get you put through to a good pdoc.

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My doctor was more interested in keeping me working than caring about my well being. I was trying to cut down on zyprexa and was basically down to 2,5mg so that I would be able to work full time. The only problem was I got insomnia and slept like 3 hours on average for over 3 years.

I was on the wrong track, and I didn’t see it myself, because I thought the insomnia would dissapear at some point. But it didn’t.

I got more and more desperate as my health was going south, and the doctor did not stress that I needed to take more drugs to get sleep.

Luckily I came to the decision to change doctor. First thing the new doctor says to me: “We got to help you sleep”. Upped my dose to 10mg…

If I hadn’t changed doctor I’m 100% convinced I would be dead now.

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my pdoc recently told me he doubts i can finish my studies, it crushed me hard. I needed encouragements. I see him friday. Don’t know if he tried reverse psychology but i think it was uncalled for. I had really good grades so far.


How can he say that. What does he know about how you are able to study or not. If you get good grades that should be a sign that you are on track.

Doctors are only people. They need to be questioned.


I guess it’s because i am not in such a good place right now and that i take time to get things done. But, on the other hand, i am thorough and hard working. I will talk with him and tell him how i feel.