Some of my problem is just a damn lazy mind

Gripe, gripe, gripe when what I need to do is thought work, work my mind to set things right instead.

I like Rachel Platten’s song “I’m gonna stand by you” because it gives me energy.

My first honest thoughts when researching DBT was that I would probably be very bad at it at first. Like what do you mean we have to try to change instead of just betching about things. Augh.

I think griping gets reinforced when failure is punished when we were doing our best. Then, I’m reduced either to silence or griping.

Yeah I can relate to that. When it feels like all you can do it scream, then why not scream, at least it’s cathartic. I guess though a big part of DBT is discovering things you can do, other options, that you didn’t realize before. Which for me would take me out of my comfort zone, so I would probably resist it at first. Have you ever looked into DBT and had any thoughts on it?

No. I hadn’t even heard of it. I just Googled it now.

I recently found this, it has some links.

I think it’s a blog of sorts by a self-aware borderline, I haven’t really looked around the site, but whoever runs the blog has organized a lot of helpful information.