Some of my abilities are coming back

It has been 6 weeks since I took up the part-time job. It is helping me a lot. I find out work therapy is effective.

First of all, I spend much less time on my bed now. Second, it gives me new experience and clear up a lot of my thoughts. Third, I have a lot of chance to test out my abilities, and find out my cognitive performances are still malleable.

I want to compliment myself for resuming work habits and being punctual so far. I act less clumsy now. I manage to memorize things and can better manage social conversations with strangers. It is equally important I have something to talk about. I can better follow through when people talk to me. I am more responsive and spontaneous socially. I can carry out tasks independently. I can handle two simultaneous tasks now. I can explain things to people adequately. I can tell a joke.

It is surprising I could be persuasive and sell something. I never imagined I could become a salesperson. There are times I can make use of my intelligent and my knowledge base. I find out I could still give good suggestions. People who receive my suggestions are happy. I can contribute to a discussion and provide useful opinions. Somehow my old self is coming back.

Thanks to your encouragement I have requested for an appointment with a clinical psychologist in the hospital. I am waitlisted and hopefully could receive some therapy in a few months. Perhaps work put some physical demands on me, which is good to my sleep pattern, I have less headache and dizziness.

Thanks for the companions of you guys. It is actually really stressful to put myself through these changes. I find comfort in conversing with you. It is really important to me that I feel the love and the understandings of some of you. Thank you.


This is fantastic news. :thumbsup: :star:

I am so glad you are feeling better, getting better and able to achieve this. You are on the path to getting some of your old self back. I am really happy for you. It’s also amazing that you can see improvement in yourself.

For a while, I was still feeling low and I didn’t believe people when they said I seemed better. So the fact that you can see this improvement is a very valuable thing as well. Keep those improvements in mind if you start to feel a sad again.

I am so very happy for you. Congratulations on the hard work.


Thanks James. You are wonderful.

I read somewhere you like the class. I am happy for you too. Do keep me updated how it is going on.

I will meet my nurse tomorrow. It has been a while since we last met. I will ask for her observations how everybody with my disorders finds their lives in the local.

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Congrats on getting back to work! You’re doing something great that many of us can only dream about.

Keep it up!



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Hi Anthony, it is only a simple and easy job! It does mean a lot to me in terms of challenge and demands.
I believe you will soon be able to get back to work too. Keep up!


that’s all what I like to hear…people recovering…it’s beautiful and it takes courage to make a struggle look beautiful, and that’s what all high functioning schizophrenics do. I know that sounds weird, but I was high functioning throughout my psychosis and now I am considered to be in remission, back to my previous level of functioning. We carry on in our realty while somehow fitting into everyone else’s.

It’s the hardest part, getting back into the world, but it is the most rewarding; feeling like you touched other’s lives and feeling a mutual connection, human interaction, is incredible to experience when one has been deprived of it.

You’re doing great! With a psychologist, you should be A-OK. So glad to see someone get their life back!


wow! that’s brilliant hunni. proud of u. unfortunately the social security system in the uk doesn’t allo me to earn more than twenty pounds a week but i’m gonna c if they need someone for 3 hours a week at my local tesco. probably not but it’s worth a try. then again, if my daughter’s benefit situation is anything to go by, mine will probably be cut soon so i will b skint as arseholes and might have to get a job just to eat and pay the rent. am v worried.

That is awesome, congratulations. Take care -

Congratulations on the job. Sounds like you’re on the right track. Yeah, that’s good that you can compliment yourself, it builds your self esteem.