Some lyrics came up with

Put a little more concentration into these lyrics. I still wrote them real quick like I always will. But I concentrated a little harder. Making them less negative. Well even if they’re negative have a positive spin.

I need to write a third verse. This is what I got so far

Hardly sorry

To this game she’s playing no Atari

This lame way and i gave in at a party

In 2000 and 9

Two gallons of wine

I drank

Too imbalanced in the mind

To thank

The times


For helping me on my way

To the place

That faces

Grace and embraces

Good, no evil

But we’re dense like wood never sharp like needles

We’re in the dark ages these minds so feeble

I’m trying to take it to a hundred like a fever

But start at zero and do it real quick you would Believe her


The earth

The Mother Nature, not trying to be a hero

But she Feeds through my veins watch society rape her

Steal her flavor

All I gave her was the bad behavior

Hoping she’s never a ■■■■■■ failure

Tucked in no need to bail her

Out of jail or

Sail to

The place I embraced or they call me Ishmael who

Moby dick reference.

Know he’s sick with the classics. Painting pictures the entire spectrum. You damn bastards.

Verse 2

You don’t even know

Why I ■■■■■■■■■■■■■ flow

Why I ■■■■■■■■■■■■■ go

To the show

And blow

My money so I could throw

Stacks of cash

She bends oh-ver

Touches her toes or

Clutches these average joes

By their ears

Shifting like some bicycle gears

Thrifting through a cycle of fears

Because she did hear

About a man near

Who takes advantage of young women till he sees their tears

Knees them in the rear

Take advantage

U ain’t a man damn it

Well I’m getting robbed for a chicken sandwich


It could crack me up

I’m kicking you in the butt

Figured you gave up on trying to save us


You wanna hurt


This ■■■■■■ jerks smirk on his face it gives me a taste of this hate

Now I’m gone past the freaking gate

This is the beat I’m gonna use


I like, I like!

The beat sounds perfect for these lyrics,

not too hard, not too soft, just making you feel seduced.


I’ve tried writing rap-style poetry before but it isn’t my style. You do it well, though!

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I wish I could sing and be free like free

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I’ve tried yours and I can’t do it too well. This is my best non rhyming poem I shared it out loud at a cafe in Olympia Washington.

Broken heart

Hate me? How can you hate me?
For I am as great as God.
And all knowing.
Will I be happy? I can’t be sure
Finding true love keeps us detached
But nobody loves us.
Nobody is capable of sharing our love
You didn’t occur in my world until lives after you were created
Lives after your clouds were deeper than the ones surrounding Michael and Seraphiel themselves.
But I wasn’t the one to estrange us.
I learned my fate aeon’s ago.
The first time.
The only time I saw the hallucination.
But love is not just imagination.
Love is real.
It comes to life.
But this love wasn’t meant for me.
This love was separate.
It’s too bad too.
Conceivably suits and peas would follow.
We’d conquer galaxies.
And when it all came to an end, inside the walls of a crumbling hospice.
On a dark cold morning past the days of calendars.
After a trillion suns burnt out.
Past that.
Decades after moments past that.
Millenniums beyond centuries after that.
We’d lay on the ground.
Covered in leaves and bugs.
Ready to be swept up to the heavens by death himself.
After demons had perished
Generations had been lost.
God lost.

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You shared this at like an open mic or something? That takes guts. I’ve never done that before.

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Yeah and I almost started crying tearing up I held my composure though

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