Lyrics in my new song

i like this part a lot

dont call me pal
im not your pal
got it pal
i shall
sacrifice my morale
for the good of the evil
might become a fiend with a needle
but instead i spend my nights in the basement of a steeple
grass growing in the desert
sand flowing in the forest
while the angels sing the chorus
this ■■■■ ■■■■■■ sux
im out of luck
got 100 on the dash and im headed right towards a 18 wheel truck
but death seems pleasant
because i was just a peasant
on this earth
cursed since the day that my momma gave me birth
on the search for my own turf
might traverse
the landscape
might rehearse the damn tape
over and over in my head
til my thoughts will leave me dead


What honey?

ok, it’s hard to take.

Very poetic :slight_smile:
I think it sounds good

Take that sour taste out your mouth with a pleasant rhyme from the south.

Lyrical spitting verses miracles Killings hearses where we be without God on this earth it’s time to go to church and be great full for your birth and his existence within us as sinners to the one and only son and god the true existence.

I don’t rap or anything you just made me feel like giving it a go lol