Some good news today

A couple of weeks ago I wrote that my 80-year old father had pneumonia, but now he has recovered. Modern antibiotic meds are very good. In addition to schizophrenia I have many other illnesses such as diabetes and people who have diabetes must take care of their feet very carefully. Few months ago I noticed that I had a wound in my feet and I went to the hospital immediately. These wounds heal very slowly, if a person has diabetes and again few antibiotic prescriptions in addition to other care helped my wound to heal. So these are my good news. Do you have any good news?


What a good news from you! Glad to know that you and your father are doing fine.

As for me, not much good piece of news from me. But I am living a stable life right now.


I trust modern medication and how these meds can lengthen a human life here on the earth, but we all leave some day, some people sooner and some later. And now some happy and lively music:

Before they had antibiotics what we consider a minor infection today could be fatal. That’s great news to me. The incredible potential of many new technologies is good news to me.

Yes, meds keep people alive. Nowadays it is not surprising at all if somebody lives 100 years. Sz meds are also developing and becoming better enabling us to control our lives better and enabling us to live longer.

I take 20 med pills including eye drops a day, this is 7300 a year plus vitamins and other such as Omega3 - 5 pills a day, this is 1825 a year. I trust modern medication. 10 years ago the situation was quite different.

Wow, that’s a lot! I do think frequent body checkup is necessary. What did your doctor say?

I have regular blood tests, in this year I have had two blood tests and values were good, especially the second time was great. These blood tests are quite comprehensive.

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Patti Smith!