I got some good news today

My mom is a two-time cancer survivor. With her last bout 5 years ago she was given a 50% of survival. But she made it. Well about three months ago she called me and told me the doctors thought she had cancer again, a rare form that only 1200 people in the whole U.S. have. The doctors told her it was extremely hard to treat and her chances of survival were very low. Extremely low. About all they could do is prolong her life and giver her a little time. But she was going in for tests every week, and was getting ready for chemotherapy.
Well about an hour ago I called her up with a problem. She told me some great news. The doctors had informed her that she is cancer-free. I don’t quite know why the doctors had said she had it in the first place but I’ve been living for the last three months thinking she would not live. Apparently she has some growth inside her but it is not spreading and is not cancer and that’s what counts. It hasn’t really sunk all the way in yet but boy, of course she is over-joyed.


Oh happy days! Time to celebrate with blueberry lemonade and hugs!!

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Yes, that sounds good. Thanks.

That’s awesome news!! It’s scarey when someone you love might have the big C. My grandmother, who I was very close to, died of lung cancer when I was in 10th grade. It was horrible to watch her get sicker and sicker. And while she was inside struggling to breath I was out back smoking. :sunny:

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This is great news! I am glad to hear that she is fine. I’ll bet you’re relieved too.

Great news. :smiley:

That’s wonderful news…

So happy for you and your family @77nick77! I lost my mother to breast cancer when I was a kid, so I am familiar with the ugly face of cancer. My mom was 44 when she died.

congrats to you and your mother. I am happy for you and your family. judy

That’s too bad Igor. That’s very young.

Yay! That is very good news!!

Great news! Onward to celebrate in a small way and give thanks to whoever it fits! Woooohooo hurray!

That’s great glad to hear this.

Well, she either got misdiagnosed at first, or, she was miraculously healed. Either way, it’s awesome news!

Whew! That had to be a relief! Glad for both of you

Thanks everybody. It’s always nice to know I’ll get some good responses.

That is great news!

That is wonderful news! Be sure to let your mother know you love her.

Happy for better news for your Mom and the cancer. Glad for the relief for both of you!

Hi overcomeinsulent, thank you for your post. My mother survived that scare but I’m very, very sad to say that she was diagnosed again with cancer 9 months ago but she did not survive. She passed last October.