Some art! [tw blood]

I’ve been very busy making art for events, commissions, myself, so haven’t been online much, but here:

“Bowling Alley Carpet Trip” drawn when in a paranoid rage to calm down

“Thistel” drawn for the online event Art Fight

“Nao” for another member of Art Fight

A reference sheet, again for Art Fight, though this character is mine!

Aaaand oncept art for characters in the scavenger-animal themed gangs in my post-apocalyptic story… these guys are supposed to be hyenas, but one isn’t really on brand (that’s intentional…)

This isn’t all of it though, and it feels really good to have been so productive, less useless than I sometimes feel :smiley:


Very good! I like it.

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You’re good!! Very good!

How did you become an artist? like how did you start making money off of it?

Very awesome :clap: :sunglasses:

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Thanks all! :smiley:

And @YayaC as for technical skills, I’m self-taught (for 6 years, I’m 17 now)… but I think most artists are self-taught. Had an internet presence with my work for a few years, so there was an audience already. About month ago I decided I was ready to do paid art commissions, so I just put my email and prices out on social media and the people started commissioning me! I’m not working for a company or anything like that, it’s just me at home with my pen tablet and a paypal account, but I wanted something I could work at while sz is keeping me away from study.

I actually don’t post most of the paid art here, largely because I need the commissioners’ permission. Above post is all either personal or gifts (well I’m almost getting paid for them – but it’s in more art, like a trade. Just for fun.)


Very good @therealbec!
You are so talented!


Wow you are really good for 17, I see great things in your future!!

Some more questions:
How long did it take you to get enough followers to start commissioning? How many years?
What sites were you on? What sites are the most effective?
Could u post your social media accounts I would love to see…!

I’m asking because I want I be an artist too…

Thank you!! I will PM you, I tend to ramble.

Very Cool Art 151514

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yo this style is REALLY good ! really love the coloring and color palettes in these :hearts: :hearts:

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Awesome work! How do you color?

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@MaverickLM :smiley: Thank you! Colour is my favourite part of art to work with, I’ve been really feeling red, deep blue and gold recently… probably because I just figured out how to use yellows without muddiness :^P

And @chancewatcher it’s all digital (still pen-on-a-page style though, I’m drawing my own lines from scratch), I just use the little colour wheel on my art program. Picking colours, it’s mostly intuitive, though I do make sure to brush up on colour theory now and then. Thanks!

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I love the second one, Thistel!
Really good !!

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Thanks!! :smiley: That one’s a personal favourite…

@therealbec, I think it’s just wonderful that you get paid for your art on commission! How great. That’s so inspiring. There’s a MI person out there making money in the art world.

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:smiley: :smiley: :smiley: “inspiring”! Thank you! I’m glad! I know I’m not alone there but yes, I’m so thankful I could make money doing this since I struggle with traditional work/study due to sz, you could say being MI is what made it possible…

Some of your art reminds me of “Day of the Dead” art in terms of theme and the bold color palette.

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these are amazing i love your style

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Damn. I’m not big on cartoons and not really into that art but I did like Pop art and your stuff is great!

I like it’s not pop…it’s more street and immediate and really very good. I hope you do well and get this stuff out there. People will come…( and buy heaps…fingers crossed! ).

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@Moonbeam Thanks! Funny you should say that, I recently drew this portrait as a gift for my mother and the colours did come very naturally:

@rogueone Thank you so much!! Thinking about style now, most of my influence is contemporary illustrators, sometimes comics, and particularly the art style of the Borderlands series (I like how gritty it is, one of my favourite games)… but I also study baroque compositions and classic religious/mythological art a lot, I like those biblical paintings! And favourite artist is Kaneoya Sachiko… I have her limited edition art book, it’s full of morbid pin-up illustrations.
Thanks for the kind wishes! I just finished up a last active set of commissions so it’s time to advertise on all my sites again, fingers crossed indeed!

And @MadKatt thank you!!