Would you guys like to see my art?

I was thinking of doing a daily drawing like I see many people doing on here. I do a lot of art depicting what my mental illness experiences feel like, and I think having an audience would motivate me.

Here’s my “portfolio”: http://silasstararts.storenvy.com/
Tw: eyes, paranoia-ish art

Let me know what you think.


Just love the Glitch Cat :smile: Nice drawings :slight_smile:


Thank you! So I’ll take that as a yes? :grin:

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Yeah sure :slight_smile:

I also like “Glitch Cat” Very nice work, and I like that you’re promoting yourself. Good luck with selling!


you are very talented!


Love all the animals, are those paintings? The colors also are bright and lively, keep creating!

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Digital paintings! The one that looks like a traditional painting (wolf with triangle) is a watercolor painting that I scanned in. Thank you!!

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Thank you! That means so much to hear. I think I will start a thread for my drawings tomorrow. Hopefully it will motivate myself and others to draw c:

How much do you charge for custom art? Great designs btw

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You’ve got an admirable talent

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Prices really depend on what you want done!
Ranges from $15 - $30 at the moment, depending… $35 tops due to my skill level and how fast I work. I’d honestly do progress sketches and check in with the buyer on prices multiple times.

Thank you so much! If you’re interested I’m more than willing to talk with you about it. C:

Aaaa thank you! That means a lot!!

The guy in “eyes” has similar hair that i do. If it was brown. These are awesome

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Thank you! That’s interesting that he has the same hair style. c:

Nice… Good stuff…

Like the adventure cutie…

Pretty unique and complete piece there.

How much for the fire breathing howling wolf? I don’t get paid for two weeks but I am definitely interested. PM me if you think I can acquire it.? thanks

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In US currency?

$15 approximately the price for a custom comic (1 square) which I ordered from local cartoonist years ago. Sound reasonable (I’m not worried about your skill level, but how much I can afford)

I have been longing for a comic on “recovery of schizophrenia”…

very nice :slight_smile: 1515

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That’s my favorite, too! Nice work, psymutt!

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