Somatic pains. Hypochondria

Out of the hospital for a week now. Was switching ap’s and had complications. Had severe pains and distress. Dr said it was anxiety over changing meds. It blew me away!! The pain was unbearable!! Could it all have been psychosomatic or hypochondria? I feel so stupid!! Anyone else experience anything similar?

We have few ways to measure another person’s pain. When I broke my back a couple year’s ago, my blood pressure was elevated and the diagnostic test showed the fracture and swelling. But the doctors didn’t know how much it hurt. Fortunately, I had my girl friend with me, and she got the doctor to give me pain meds he would have done without…


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I had chest pains for three days and numbness down my left arm all due to anxiety. Urgent care, ER, follow up tests months later, all from psychosomatic pain. It’s amazing, isn’t it?

So glad you’re doing better now.

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Thank you @Rhubot, I am doing much better after an increase in my anxiety meds.
I feel your pain. The mind is so very complex. And so is a disordered one apparently.

So true @Jayster. Pain is very personal. Glad you’re not dealing with that anymore.

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