Solved 5 chess puzzles

So an update on my day.
I woke up feeling relatively energized.
I went to the health club and did strength training.
Then after about an hour I returned and put in a record performance on the elliptical trainer.
Then I went for a walk in Jerusalem with my dad.
Then after I returned home I talked on the phone with a relative of mine,
and solved 5 chess puzzles.
That’s it.


So an update on my day Chess,
Woke up and went to the bank, then went to work to conduct an interview, then went to a hardware to buy a garbage can, then went to the mall and returned some perfume, then went back to work to conduct another interview. However heard background voices talking about me, dread😫

That’s good. My father briefly tried to teach me how to play but I could never get the hang of it. Chess requires good sequential thinking from what I have read, and that is not a good area for me.

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NO @77nick77 PHD, Mathematics, Hebrew University of Jerusalem.
Let me be the LEAST talented PHD graduate.


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