Solution for insomnia associated with SZ, without medications

Hello, I have schizophrenia associated insomnia.
I am looking for solutions.
I rule out using antipsychotics and sleeping pills.

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Therapy told me exercise and water helps. I take trazodone because it works for me.

Go for a run. Put away electronics and stay away from intense light sources for 30 minutes before you plan on sleeping. Gah, I’m such a hypocrite. I don’t do those things, but when I do they work well. I also barely sleep. I usually end up turning the lights back on because the hallucinations in the dark get preeeeeetty creepy.

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Yellow glasses after sundown (helps with artificial light not keeping you up)
Chamomile tea

But not too much to drink or you’ll have to pee.


Forgot to add: hot bath

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Hell, one day of skipping intense aerobic exercise, and immediately a sleepless night.
And I did do strength training today.
I skipped it because of circumstances.
Now, the lesson is learned.
I will NEVER EVER skip aerobic exercise again.

Among the methods you mentioned, @twinklestars , exercise is probably the best.
Thank you.

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