Soldiering through without medications

Right,so I’ve been taking my meds for five years now - no apparent betterment.Mind you,I’ve been taking clozepam for about 3 years and olonzepam for about 2 with no success.Clozepam makes me a total zombie,and olanzepam makes me extreamly irritable to the point where I can’t stand basicly anything for long.I live in a country where as far as I know,these are the only two medical substances available for treatment,and they’re not working for me.Now on two days allready experiencing psycosis,but it’ll pass.I’ve not been hospitalised before,even though my psychiatrist suggests it,and I’m not planning to be.The good thing about living here is that they don’t have a legal right to hospitalise you without your consent.
If meds did help you,then count yourselves lucky to live where you live.The going’s liable to be tough,but I have no other choice.


What country do you live in?

I live in Bosnia.

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I wish you luck…I’m having a hard time with meds also…despite the fact america has access to a large variety of meds…your English is awesome BTW…how long have you been speaking it…

Thanks,I’ve been speaking english since I was about ten years old.It just kinda came to me,I picked up on it I suppose.

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Your writing ability in English is far superior to most native English speakers…Good work…you seem to be pretty high functioning especially with your countries lack of meds…I wish you strength of mind on your journey my friend…


Fish Oil for mental illness was popular a few years back. I don’t hear about it lately.



Can you get Cognitive Behavioral Therapy? If you can’t take meds, please don’t be passive in your recovery. Research and implement a healthy diet, exercise, therapy…etc. You can do it, but not alone. You need support. I wish you the best.


@Hedgehog There is no CBT here,only a general chat with a psychologist.What would be the best diet in your opinion ?
I agree that I can’t do it alone,there’s just not many people I can talk to with regards to my condition.I am visiting a psychologist at the moment,though,due to my negative symptomes,it doesn’t help much as I’m terrible at remembering even the simplest of things and conversations I have are instantly forgotten immedietly after the end of the conversation.
I try to focus to the best of my abilities,but my mind block is terrible.

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Sorry, I’m on here sporadically. I’m sorry there’s no CBT. Try getting books, including workbooks you can do on your own. And I highly recommend this forum. You can bring up everything you struggle with and receive support. It’s been like group therapy for me.
I am a hypocrite right now, so I’ll give advice that I’m currently not practicing… Cut way down on sugar, it’s damaging to the brain and body. Eat healthy so that your body is strong. I have found that feeling weak/heavy physically is detrimental to my psychological health. I recommend taking a multi-vitamin, including B complex, and fish oil, and a probiotic, such as acidophilus.
Exercise! I get a build-up of cortisol and adrenaline that I can feel. Exercise enough to sweat so that toxins leave your body.
If there’s no scientific proof that these things help (although I think there is) then it’s just in my head, which is fine with me :blush:
Life is not easy for me, @Lingvist. I’ve never been on meds and I’ve tripped and stumbled my way through life thus far. I have visual, auditory and tactile hallucinations. I have delusions, paranoia, anxiety and depression. But I do function.
I wish you the very best :heart:

@Hedgehog I thank you for everything.I have found that this forum greatly helps me,and yes,as you’ve said,it is like group therapy.I’ll get the vitamins you recommend and I really need to start excersising,I can’t remember the last time I did any.
I’m really sorry for what you’re going through,I’ve not had auditory nor visual halluncinations,but delusions,paranoia,anxiety and depression are a typical day for me.And what really bothers me are my negative symptomes,mainly the lack of concentration and a near total inability to remember given information and utilise it,lack of speech ( not really having anything to talk about in any situation ),inability to have any eye contact in a conversation,no matter how hard I try,I just can’t look people in the eyes while I speak to them.There are other symptoms,but I think you get where I’m coming from.
It’s not an easy life,but I’ve hope that everything will be allright,and it will.I’ve a long way to go,but every day is a chance for improvement.

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I too have great difficulty looking people in the eye while talking with them. My therapist wants me to work on it.

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I have a real hard time keeping eye contact. I usually look below the face. Some women totally think I am checking out their chest!


Look at their foreheads! It comes across as eye contact but is way less stressful.


Just be careful - some of those meds (not sure about yours) are to calm nerves to prevent you from thinking so much, so quickly and scaring yourself into anxiety.

For years I considered myself Schizophrenic but nowadays I move forward quite contently - I’ve accepted how strange our existence might be and chose to regard it for the novel absurdity (not many others live as interesting lives as we do): I guess you could say that I just pulled up my bootstraps and put my ‘Rod Serling’ on.

That acceptance helped me a lot but I still take Risperdone because my thinking obsession is very distracting from day to day responsibilities.

Vitamin d3 has some fish oil benefits dha and the other one.