Sold a painting!

I sold this Ironman painting for 60 bucks!


Wow! That’s a great achievement! The painting looks great.


Congratulations! 15


Congrats! That’s a good painting. :slight_smile:

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Congratulations! You’re just full of good news today, yay!

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Nice job. Good for you. :sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses:

@pasteyface you deal with so much anxiety - i never knew you were such an artist.


Woah, beautiful!

Nice painting! 151515

Painting really helps me. Getting started is an issue. And sometimes its just makes me even mlre anxious. But i usually take some Vistaril and put on classical music and paint. I havent painted in a while. Its been to nice out to paint. I also painted a batman i cant find a picfure of. Sold it for 3 boxes of girl scout cookies. Lol. To my cousin.


I thought you couldn’t paint existing art like action figures and star wars like r2d2 and c3po. ? I hope I’m wrong…good for you for selling a painting.

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Very nice @pasteyface!


I can do them

These ars some others ive done


Im pissed my dog chewed up my original mandalorian and grogu drawing. I only have a cheap copy

You can paint anything. Its art.

This is awesome! May I ask what platform you sold it on? I want to sell some of my art but I don’t know where to sell them?

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Ebay. Turned out to be a scammer. Darn.

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Oh man thats too bad. Keep at the painting though!! You are super talented!!!


Wow! I’m impressed!

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That’s a badass painting dude. I wish I could pain/draw like that. The only art I can pull off is pixel art. ( which is cool but it would be cool to draw)

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