Does anyone else find that socializing and having a long conversation about life and love leaves you with fewer voices? I used to be a shut in. I went two years without even talking to my best friend of thirty years because I was too busy and interested in what the voices had to say.

This last year I have made it a goal to become reinvolved positively with many old friends and family. I went from years of solitude to visiting a different friend or family member every other day. So this last week I have somehow managed to forget my meds for the last five days and nothing. I just started the med a year ago and have been taking it every day so I don’t know why I have had such a problem remembering to take it this week but I didn’t take it which usually leads to voices the very next day after I forgot (I get voices on the meds too occasionally).

But I haven’t had any voices in over a week now and I can’t help think that all of the socializing I am doing is playing a role. I mean, imagine going to therapy three or four times a week for two hours at a time. I don’t go to therapy but my friends and I get very personal with our conversations. We’re very close. I don’t see the point in having people in my life that I don’t know.

I made it a goal to get to know the people that I care about more deeply and in return they have offered me a place to feel safe enough to talk. My friends have made a point to tell me how glad they are that I came back into their lives. Facebook just isn’t enough. An occasional text is not enough. We need hugs and laughs and loving conversation.

I would like to encourage everyone here to do the same. Make it a goal to visit just one person a week that you trust and care about and have a good conversation about whatever you need to talk about and see if your voices aren’t better for a little while.


That’s nice @Annie2012

I find socializing tiring because I feel I have to be the giver, have carry the ball. That is what makes me shy of it.

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Me too but it’s worth it when you find someone you can talk to about yourself freely

I wasn’t thinking of talking about myself.

It helps. I have multiple schizophrenic friends here in my city and it makes life easier to have someone close to relate to.

The only szs I know are in the house here or on the forum. The others I know are normies.

That’s so cool. Spending time with other people has been huge for me in my recovery. I really don’t know what to do with myself when I’m alone a lot of times.

Also, I can relate to be so fascinated with what’s going on in your head. I don’t remember feeling alone at all when I was psychotic and I felt like I was in a world that was rapidly evolving and changing.

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