Social withdrawal :|

I haven’t left my house in 5 months. I’m too paranoid and anxious when I’m outside and with other people. What do I do?

I’ve been the same way before. Now I have to socialize at least a little bit because I live at an assisted living center for the mentally ill.

What’s that like?

I have little to no contact with other people outside of family. Social functioning is my biggest problem.


Yeah me neither

It’s not bad. These places are not resorts, but they are not hell holes either. Sometimes I want to leave my assisted living center so I don’t have to socialize at all.

(First post!) Just in the past maybe year has my social withdrawal really started to peak. I pretty much interact with my family and people at work, otherwise I’m in bed just…thinking for hours. I’m considering trying sarcosine to see if my cognitive and negative symptoms improve…I’ve really been fearful lately that my sz is getting worse, not my positive symptoms but everything else…too be honest I barely shower anymore. But people don’t haven’t known me for very long can’t tell…I’m pretty good at faking being normal but it’s getting harder these days.


I basically don’t do much other than vegging on the couch and going online.
At least I went to a Support Group.

I’ve been looking In to local support groups. A little nervous to go

Muster up enough courage, you may like it!

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I’m going to try! It’s definitely on my to do list. I’ve never met another schizophrenic before and it’s killing me lol

Oh it’s a SZ Support Group?
That’s good.
The Support Group I attended was for people suffering with Depression and Bipolar.

Yeah its for SZ but friends and family can attend too. So it’s a super good opportunity to meet some people going through what I’m going through in person


I found a support group locally but to be honest I didn’t feel like I fit in there. It was a little depressing.

How so? Where the participants pretty bad?

Hi SchizoBoy,
I think it is definitely worthwhile to go along to a support group, particularly if you have only recently been diagnosed. It can help you find your feet and give you a different perspective. But If you are feeling fragile or overwhelmed it can be a difficult situation to cope with as you are surrounded with really needy people who aren’t necessarily coping with the basics. Having said that, there can be a really great feeling of solidarity and sense of us all being in this together. But I felt uncomfortable with the ‘wallowing’. I try really hard to make sz a part of my life but have other interests and things on the go. I talked to friend about it and she said that we all need to find our ‘tribe’ and that this one might not be mine and that’s ok. I am a uni student and I actually feel a lot happier in study groups up at the uni rather than the sz support groups. Does that help?

That makes total sense, I wouldn’t really want to be in a group if it just felt like wallowing. I’ll probably give me local group a chance and see if we vibe right, maybe I’ll find my “tribe”

Good luck!!

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