Social situations

Anyone get paranoia in social situations
Especially evening out
It’s terrible

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I hate it. I cannot talk to new people at all and end up saying nothing. The only time this gets better is when people are drunk, but then they forget they even spoke with you. Makes me feel invisible.

Drinking alcohol helps in social situations but alcohol doesn’t stop paranoia so alcohol not really option

I am better one to one but even then the other person has to initiate/lead the conversation. I find talking to people in group settings,especially new people much more problematic.

I recently went to my gt granddaughter’s first birthday party. My granddaughters were there with the baby’s father and several of his family. I sat in awkward silence only talking when my granddaughters spoke to me to usually to ask if I was ok. I didn’t know how to begin talking to the others, and truth be told they made no attempt to start a conversation with me. If they had I would have responded as best I could as I am not rude ,but struggle to initiate conversation and know when to approach people in dialogue .

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I get paranoid anytime i am around a bunch of people. It’s hard going out in public like that. I tend to keep to smaller groups or even one-on-one interaction if i have to interact.


I dont really get paranoid, but socially anxious. And setting boundaries has always been an issue. I expect people to act deeply hurt or angrily freak out even at the simplest boundary setting, as some do in my family. Im practicing now with simple stuff that others wouldnt be aware of… like honestly telling someone i have to go or what id like to eat. It might be somewhat paranoid to suspect people get upset if i tell them such things.

Six months after my first hospitalization I would have extreme panic attacks in social situations, but today things are fine.

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I get paranoid in public, going to crowded areas or unfamiliar places makes things even worse.

Went to a pub the other day with my dad because he likes the steaks they serve there.

I felt really anxious, it was dark and the music they were playing was loud and obnoxious.

I didn’t order anything to eat because I felt uncomfortable there and I don’t drink alcohol.

I was glad to get out of there.

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