Social awkwardness

i have trouble knowing when to trust people also who to talk to and wh not to. i don’t talk to strangers cause that leaves you at peoples mercy but should i be chatting to my neighbours i feel awkward my garden has 3 sets of neighbours looking in and i just wish i was more sociable i haven’t even said hi to them and its making my paranoia worse. Cornish town everyone seems to know everyone is it ok to just keep yourself to yourself and i think someones been feeding my dog she wont come back in the garden sometimes she always has before and it take ages for me to get her in and yesterday heard people laughing and talking out there so weird.

When I’m in the middle of a panic/ anxiety attack, my paranoia amps up. People might be feeding your dog. Do they know the dog is yours? It’s hard to do, but you might just have to tell yourself that people talking in the garden has nothing to do with you. If you don’t talk to them, they probably aren’t talking about you. If they don’t know you, there would be nothing to talk about.

I do talk to my neighbors. I tried to scare off my new neighbor. She was looking at the apartment next door and I told her I was SZ in order to try and scare her away so I wouldn’t have neighbors. But it turned out she had a beloved Uncle who suffered Sz and so I wasn’t scary at all. (sometime I like to be scary) She’s a very nice person. She’ll say Hi and help me keep the shared walk way cleared.

It’s hard starting off. You don’t have to be anyones soul mate. But a little “hello” here and there might yield some positive results.

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Me either. I don’t like people. They’re rude… they’re obnoxious. They talk about you maybe because you can hear them… They act like they’re so superior. And all there is to discover about anyone is… dirt. I just don’t talk to them. I do what I’m supposed to do, and just don’t talk to them.


thanks guys William always so honest hehe blasts the anti nowhere league I hate people they hate me down your earholes just to annoy you.
if I see them I will say hi that sounds reasonable to me.
hey suprized jay at least you’ve got and understanding neighbour next time you could just say I see dead people that would scare them off! hehe

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My sister used to do that a lot until she said it to some goth vampire chick who then wanted to be her blood sister. :stuck_out_tongue:


Talking to people is either a slight struggle for me, or, there is a slight feeling of desperation.

Sometimes I tell myself that I hate people. Other times, it’s more just not wanting to deal with them.

However, I can definitely like people…such as when I went to a group session for those who hear voices. I genuinely liked and wanted to talk to them.

Why’s it so hard though? Why do you need a… a group? Is it all dishonesty everywhere else?

They tricked you… They fooled you. They made you believe that you had to come to them, in that small room… “to like people”. What would one of them be like beyond that room? Are they beedy eyed? Displaced? Will they tell you they don’t know you? And for what? For the group…

I’ll betcha you even think you’re onto something. “Society”. Right? How about I just stay in here… in my room. And watch you guys come to your… weird conclusions. The group I’m in…