Social security increased the amount disabled workers are allowed to earn per month

they increased it for SSDI, up to 1310. (SSI limits are different, and higher)

if you are able to tolerate a part time job, that’s pretty generous, dont cha think?


I really not able to work. I tried volunteering one day a week, and was just barely able to manage it. It was pretty easy work, too.

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yeah that’s pretty good, but i wont come close to 1310 working 20 hours a week. will i lose ssdi if i work 30 hours a week?

yes I think if you do it for so many months in a few years period

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I tried to work not long ago. I failed.

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if you make minimum wage, you might be okay working 30 hours. but it still makes you look suspicious working that many hours. technically the hours you work shouldn’t matter, only the amount you make… but it does raise red flags. i know my therapist said working three days a week raises red flags… i dont know if she has information we dont know, but she said it, and it makes sense that you dont want to work too much, no matter the amount.

but with that said… u have to remember that some months have five weeks in it, so that makes a big difference too. in fact, you can work it backwards to figure out the most you can make in a five week month… 1310 divided by 5 divided by 30, equals 8.73 per hour. many states have minimum wages around that amount already.

bottom line, 30 hours per week is just too much, in my opinion, if you want to keep SSDI,

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I make much more than that but if I get fired from my full time job maybe I could consider it.

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i remember u said u made 25-30 thousand in SSDI. i sure as heck wouldn’t have given that up. especially when u could make another 12-15 thousand in a part time job, with it totaling 35-45 grand and not having to work full time either. and that’s not even mentioning your military pay. but i guess if i could make twice that working full time, like u do, i’d consider it. it would be rough on me, though, cause there aren’t too many jobs where i’d stand a chance workin full time.

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