Should i work fewer hours, am i making too much for social security disability SSDI?

i was making two hundred a week, about 860 a month. i was making 12.50 per hour and working sixteen hours per week. but now i got a raise to 15. i work at a deli. most people who work at delis make like eleven or twelve dollars per hour, but my company wants to be competitive with a lower turn over. so now i make like 1050 per month. in months with five weeks in a month, i could make 1200. i probably will keep my working down to nine days per month max, or 1080.

folks on SSDI are allowed to make 1310 per month. but social security could say even if you make less that you are making a significant amount per month, too much. i have schizoaffective bipolar type and an anxiety disorder. i’m able to save five hundred per month working sixteen hours per week, so i’d be fine working only 8 hours per week in terms of making enough money… but i would be making just enough to get by, and i dont like that. i only get 10k in SSDI per year, and my healthcare bills are expensive, like 300 per month.

i feel like i’m gonna be punished for getting a raise. i feel like they should just say i’m fortunate to be making a little on the higher side, and view my work as if i was making like 12 bucks an hour given that’s the national average for delis.

i know @77nick77 makes more than i do, but he’s also on the older side and has been disabled his whole life. they’re more lenient with older beneficiaries. i’m only 38 and i’ve only been diagnosed the last ten years. i’ve been at my job for four years.

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My disability attorney told me to be safe, don’t work more than 15 hours per week and don’t make more than $900/ month.


Hmm if your able to work I kind of think your not disabled but forgive me if I’m wrong. The whole point of going on disability is your not able to work any job. Deli is faced paced work I’m sure you could apply somewhere else and be fine. I wouldn’t touch disability with a ten foot pole I always worked sick or not manic psychosis whatever when I had a suicide attempt and a serious mental breakdown I went right back to work 3 days later. Although right now im not sure what kind of work I’d like to do the economy is bad and I’m unemployed weighing my options. I wouldn’t want to be a ward of the state I need real money

I don’t know about what you should make, but congratulations on getting a job while being sz. That’s not easy to do.

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But that’s conjecture, right? Ideally, if you are following their rules by keeping under the limit you should be fine.

But I’m under review myself right now and a little worried that since I’ve worked so long that I may not be seen as disabled under their rules. I remember like 6 or 7 years ago I talked to a Social Security worker over the phone and she basically told me if I can work and keep under the monthly dollar limit allowed I could get SSDI forever.

I filled out forms a month ago and they sent me a letter saying that I still qualify as disabled and my benefits and eligibility won’t change. But just two weeks ago they sent me some more forms asking more details about my disability. And they have a form for my doctor to fill out. I’m worried as hell.


Well yea I’m not trying to be mean but I just am confused as to how you are able to get disability and being able to work a fast paced job

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I’m lucky I’m more bibpolar and have energy I get mentally exhausted though sometimes but I just wouldn’t want to do disability

I Just feel bad for people who are on disability my uncle is he’s had a bunch of back surgeries and would work if he could. He’s miserable. There are low stress decent paying jobs out there hopefully you guys find something that makes you happy even if it is disability

I’ve done it before too. My only explanation is that sometimes I find jobs that I just “fit”, where it may be fast paced and hard labor but somehow because of maybe I work with the right people or the job fits my skills or for whatever reason, I can handle it.

I worked at Sears four years, unloading trucks. We also pulled stock and loaded it into customers cars. It was hard work and could get very fast paced especially around Christmas and summer. But somehow the stars aligned or something and not only did no one know about my illness but I became one of the fastest, hardest workers.

Something about the job just “clicked” and sometimes I worked 37 hour weeks for a few months in a row. Other times it was 18+ hours a week. But yeah, going on the salesfloor to get refrigerators or washers and dryers by myself and loading them in some customers pick-up, yeah, I did that four years. I thrived at the job.

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social security talks out of both sides of their mouth. a person could make more or less than the gainful activity amount, 1310, and still be considered either eligible or not eligible.

“The biggest factor in determining if work qualifies as SGA is the amount a person is paid. In 2020, someone is generally considered to be engaging in SGA if he or she earns more than $1,260 ($2,110 for blind SSDI recipients) So, for example, if you are making, say, $200 per week doing part-time work, you would not be working over the SGA limit. However, this isn’t a cut and dry issue. If you are working a lot, it’s possible for the SSA to determine that your job duties constitute SGA even if you are earning less than the SGA amount.”

a person is allowed to deduct their expenses related to their disability, so that might help me a little, but i have never gone to the extent of giving them all that info.

it’s the same issue as when a person is applying… if you can work two days a week, why can’t you work five, theyd say. except, when u r already on SSDI, they have to prove u r able bodied again, which is harder than when u r not on disability and u have to prove u r not able bodied.

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even knowledgeable disability websites talk out of both sides of their mouth, and say things that are questionable sometimes… for example,

Yes, true, true. I understand all that.

I worked a ton of fast pace jobs too it totally burned me out I was on two antipsychotics my mouth would hang open and I had to do all this stupid work. I can work though I mean I couldn’t do some blue collar fast paced job I was in the hotel Union it was great I made about 65k not a ton but I could leave early whenever I want I brought home tips it was great. I get stressed but I keep applying and looking for work I don’t want to give up I know there’s plenty of jobs I could do and I hope my next pays decent like the hotel and isn’t too stressful. I wouldn’t want to do minimum wage faced pace though at this time but if I had to I would I’m lucky I have free rent.

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I used to be able to work some when I took the meds and the voices made me completely incompetent when I didn’t. The meds were expensive at times and a relapse was very expensive so I needed help to pay for it. The meds are not always just something to take. They were the difference between some functionality and none at all. The idea that being disabled meaning that you “can’t work any job” is wrong but it is true that the long term prognosis for working until retirement is not good with some of the disorders we have. I am not working now partly due to the aftereffects of a relapse and partially due to the side effects of the meds but in my 20’s, 30’s, and mid 40’s I was able to work and go to school. The relapse came partially due to my father dying I also had a sleeping pill addiction left over from the full time VISTA job I had which was a lot tougher than the volunteer and minimum wage Library jobs I had before then.

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