Social activities

A newly acquainted friend took me to her church last night. I’m glad it is not a lot of people and i feel okay. Since I’m having very little social activities, I’m going to meet people. I’m afraid I’ll loss my social skills as no one is talking to me. One thing is however difficult to tackle, i don’t believe in god anymore and i dont feel right about what they are saying. So at least i’ll have some group activities. It’s a group of people much more senior than I’m. I seem to fit in great.

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I’ve always felt like everyone knows that I don’t believe. Even as a kid.

Look out for difficulties with yourself in your new group with your non-belief.

Some of these church situations are a mistake any more. They don’t practice what they preach by a long shot and some NEVER even open a bible. It is more about supporting the dirty businessman who runs the church & some people just follow orders from the voices to do something bad to other people, nothing ethical at all, and don’t hear the other auditory hallucinations any more. However, these churches do steal from people who try to leave or threaten to harm their family…Some actually get trapped in a church like a cult.

Some of these steal money from bank accounts if you ever write this lady a check or you tithe to this church by check. It is not intentional…These have the wrong person watching them and will steal. If you have made a mistake like this already, if you have any money stolen, you need to TOTALLY CHANGE BANKS TO GET AWAY NOT ACCOUNTS.

If you ever have anyone brag about something illegal, talking about Jesus is funky manner or tell you two contradicting stories immediately, you are about to be used BAD and need to just walk away from all of it quietly.

I was thrown out of a church because I was socializing there and not going to services much due to the distance. It was a humiliating display of insults in nutty manner and no one stuck up for me after 18 months. None of these people even thinks for himself, just run into me when I was out in public and call me name for not working… I was harassed for 6 years after having no contact with any of them and left unable to work around any of their 5k members who hold down good professional jobs at most of the employers on their side of town…I had someone yell my name while I was out in public in front of her coworkers, curse me out and insult me when I was waiting on clients in a restaurant. Other members of this church had much worse retaliatory stuff happen so I just kept my mouth shut as restraining orders are almost impossible to get as plaintiffs are refused services here by Discount Legal Services…Church service was actually first sign things are troublesome - laying on of hands, push people over and sing Christian Rock for 2 hours without opening bible or sermon.

You probably stumbled across a group who is trying to heal people so they don’t need psych meds. Proceed with caution as it can get your disability check stopped unless you switch to a therapist for a while and you can handle all the people who don’t treat you right because they are a part-time psychotic, some of whom try to get people to try their church so their own voices stop demanding they bother ‘‘that one over there’’’ and stalk people to preach to them, probably like you met the woman… If you don’t want to proceed, your mom/aunt needs you to take her to church at that time as she doesn’t drive or you got a weekend job, say nothing more.

Hope it helps. My local city sent all the psychotics to churches for ‘healing’ but also covered up the area sex abuse problems as no one is supposed to discuss this stuff…so more people move here and get hurt, just keeps it going. You may have a coworker harassing you about hearing the voices and demand you go to church, refuse and they try to get you fired or mess up the employer so bad it goes under. You can get thrown out of all the churches in town and no one will take you except for places you know the pastor and he is preaching to worse case of wealthy abuser types who will make statement about ruining a single women, paid own way through college education who supported herself financially for decades, then just met the wrong group of sex abusers – then you are SINNER! (I’m waiting on male friend who is in jail. Nicest, normal I know…So worth the wait as the churches cracked up the other men and they probably would lie about their mom, cheat her and steal from her after churching her…)

I am almost 100% sure you will find better people on There are activity groups all over the country who use this calendar to advertise and track events. Cost is very low. This is better gamble…IMHO.