Support from religious peers

I believe according to a certain form of Judaism. so I always hoped and tried to join others like me religiously. for whatever reason this group eludes me now. do you think it is my sz?

should I try again to seek them out? I am wondering if I should go to services and try to be friendly there.

it seems so hostile an atmosphere for me particularly but my therapist says it is in my mind. maybe I am exaggerating.


yes try again. i’m sure no one is outright hostile to you and maybe it is delusional thinking on your part. definitely go judy. you never know, you may make some new friends.

Try to be specific about your disappointment. For instance, I left Christianity because I don’t like the idea of a scapegoat. I am interested in the Bahai’s but have not joined them socially. I only read about it.

thanks for the encouragement jaynebeal. it is scary for me but I may go this weekend.

do you have many friends? I imagine you do.


i have many facebook friends, a dog walking friend, a few of vinnie’s friends (my late husband) and a drinking buddy and friendly neighbours so i’m very lucky but i don’t get out as much as i’d like to, just like you. i need to take my own advice and get out more. i have a few ideas on how to achieve that so i’ll let you know how i get on. i guess i’m just lucky that i’m outgoing despite a few setbacks but then i always have been, despite my attackers. ■■■■ it, that’s what i say to life. what’s the worst that could happen in life? you could end up dead in a ditch but failing that? what’s little shyness in comparison? take the risk hunni. you may surprise yourself and have a great time once you settle in. go for it!!

I have attended numerous Christian churches, like probably 30?
Only 2 were always open to me. Many were downright hostile for a variety of reasons, based on differences in doctrines, to personal relationships, to me being accused of causing church splits. Some even started being distant when I couldn’t afford to pay a tithe or offering and some church members were helping me out with small amounts of cash ($5 - $40 at a time) - I was accused of taking money away from the church! I hadn’t asked people for money, they offered and even told me God led them to do so to help… I was even banned from a church because a pastor who had never met me listened to a rumor and said i had spiritually destroyed a church ! None of it was true at all, as a legalistic conservative had actually destroyed a church by causing a major split and he hated me.

Depending on the reasons, if they give any I would either try to reconcile differences or hunt around for a new place to worship.
Although gossip and backbiting is frowned upon by the Bible, it is rampant in many churches and is probably a major cause for divisions and harm.