Volunteering/Active In Community will screw you up worse sometimes!

It really is nothing but unnecessary stress.

I have a much worse situation with the social problems by gang/cause stalkers because I tried to socialize with strangers following my diagnosis. It can be nothing but stress & negativity that none of us need… In my opinion, this may not be worth the effort ever. I have seen some volunteers/church people totally used up o support events/facility maintenance enough to use the person up & then they got to listen to rude comments from community following ‘retiring’ from volunteering. Volunteering can be thankless if your means can barely meet your own needs - the gasoline, clothing, supplies, & time spent not working/relaxing can ruin you.

I’ve run into man hunting social group for mistresses and them/others in group got ruined…I now deal with this group of nuts in public. It looks like many got stuck attending (slave labor style) this group to deal with it & ‘whatever’ sent many new people running…

I attended huge non-denominational church only to find out they exercise verbal harassment of unwanted parishioners. I’ve even had the pastors talking crazy loudly to themselves while they were eating alone and I was out in public…The church is huge & members very messed up. These folks have tentacles in most employers on their side of city…I’ve had some of the nuttys yell my name while dining with coworkers & just start in harassing me about my complaint of bullying by this church’s members. I could sit & lip read it all! This group will keep me from working nearby my home & there is no stopping this large a group of people as restraining orders are almost useless.

Smaller church I tried wanted me to handle a huge project & I backed out when I found out some of the church members have ties to an abusive relationship I terminated. Members bad mouth me behind my back bad & will keep me from good jobs here.

I also worked part-time for a while in my suburb & had to quit the job because the boss would not allow give me the accommodations I requested…I could not handle the work environment. This boss was aware of my health complaints and disability payments. Boss was denied for disability payments himself then started to act unprofessional including yelling sexual references while on the job…I was facing him during these sessions so I could see the words coming from his mouth…

I also had a gang stalker look me up in another social situation & trespassing repeatedly at my home. I linked this chick back to former abusive relationship too… Nut was out of her car & walking around at my home, all over the place. Police here threatened me with a psych evaluation for turning this into cops & my neighbors saw her leaving too as did I. She was timing her departure so she would catch me driving home from work every time she was leaving. Rest of social group ran off so this is what is hiding in some social situations with strangers…

So, now I have people in my community responding negatively at the sight of me. Laughing & making comments sometimes…Some of the mega church nutties even started to talking to my old school chums who live in my current neighborhood…I saw witches from the mega church sit down with friends as I was leaving, point to me and start talking out of earshot.

Of all the social activities I checked out, the groups containing only women really were drama & crap free…Trying to work around your home neighborhood can screw you…I’m an accomplished professional with college education & long, successful work history while supporting myself for a long time…Even if I worked in fields with meager pay & terrible stress due to bad management.

I also tried TOO PERSISTENTLY for part-time work, leaving many things off my resumes. So, now it really does work like a blackball as I do not get many calls for job interviews because I’m in the computer with too many versions of my resume.

This is over 10+ years of time so understand, I’m stable.


  1. Pick one activity & attend it anonymously for long time to make sure you do want to be involved with their people & their problems. Some of the churches do leave their members REALLY nutty even if they got pastoral counseling so keep this in mind before you leave your name/address in the church register…One church even did house-call sales pitches if you left your information… Use email that doesn’t contain your name or searchable username from anything like this forum. Wait a LONG time before you give your work or personal information.
  2. Strategically choose part-time work within a place you WOULD NEVER WANT TO WORK FULL-TIME. Unless, you have been without many psych symptoms for a while, you attended some new job training performing excellently & you are now ready to intern…
  3. I ignore a few in my community who say crazy stuff to a perfect stranger…Anything besides ‘hello’ is nuts if you don’t know this. Some of the 20s/early-30s people don’t know any better & do not care. No wonder so many higher level workers complain about working with the millennial BTW – middle class kids are still usually living off their parents so these really do not have anything to lose getting fired over and over for whatever reason.
  4. Some friends heard the voices for a little while, were sexually harassed in social/work situations & even had the trespassing happening at their homes while at work…These ladies married the nice guys they were dating when this crap started or they shacked up with the nice guys…The verbal harassments by strangers & trespassing diminished over time & both are successful professionals now. They do suffer some social problems sometimes by crazy strangers like having your own flasher. But, victims need to be aware some closet schizos follow orders from voices (gang/cause stalking). This is another topic. This form of obedience to the voices should be avoided if you want any relief from the voices. Some of the people who follow orders from voices to pick up a stranger (showing they know something private about you) turn out to be wife beaters or cheater/financial abusers so if you can get serious with current nice relationship or you can use Facebook to go back to old friends, you will be better off.

THE PEOPLE IN HEALTHY, COMMITTED RELATIONSHIPS COULD HANDLE MINIMAL SOCIALIZING WITHOUT PROBLEMS…outside of family members, work social demands & old established friendships…this is nice to know if you find yourself in a community with a lot of crazy gang stalking/cause stalking strangers. Some cities have BAD problems with crazy acting kids who have nothing to lose so even working long-term in these cities is very big stresser & unhealthy.

If you sign up for slave labor then you become somebody’s mistress? Dipping in the company’s ink here? :blush: