How are y’all?

I’m just cleaning mine and the husbands bedroom today… it was a total pig sty. I’m still not done.

How are you guys? And what have you been up to today/what are you up to?


Hey doing good @Human
Took the day off work today cause I’m still sick.
Just chilling staying busy…thinking of quitting tbh lol


I have been playing Fallout 4 a lot. I cleaned my room some as well. Just in general I’ve been thinking about my dissatisfaction with my own life, and how might could change the circumstances I’m in. I probably need to get out more but I don’t know where I’d go.

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I just quit my job recently. Glad to leave, but I’m not looking forward to putting myself out there again.


I’m listening to early 80s music :musical_note: on Spotify.


I feel great!

I had a nice “self-love” session earlier. Feeling very relaxed.


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Daughters friends are over so got a houseful of girls right now. Had some tacos for supper. Rain earier just made it buggy out but with a pipe around dusk outta make for a good show with the bats, once the birds settle down for the night.


I learned the Austrian national anthem on guitar and played mandolin later in the day. I regret not making time for the blues :blue_heart:. I thought about reading DUNE but didn’t want to. Now I’m watching the evening news on the TV.


I’ve actually had a productive “morning”-woke around 1:00 pm slept through the whole night. I got my refill for perphenazine yesterday so i don’t need to take left over invega today. Feeling better on perphenazine and cleaned, made some phone calls, swept and scrubbed the bird poop off my back porch, told my neighbor that she can use my side of the garden for herself- she grows all kinds of stuff. Just around the house things. Later on I’m gonna go ride my longboard. We might get some rain so it’ll give me a chance to work on slides. Next is shower and stuff.


I’ll try to remember to get a pic of the area I’ll be riding. Just to share.

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Did the laundry, took a shower.
It was a productive day :slightly_smiling_face:


Got my blood draw for Clozapine/Clozaril, helped my fiancée set up lights for our driveway, picked up my suit from the tailor’s and took it to the dry cleaner, hung out with my dad, meditated, etc. A busy day for me.


Bummer, what you got? A cold?

I honestly don’t blame you… lol
I don’t think i got the job I interviewed for last week

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Relay I hope you still get the job. Yea just kinda feel sick. This is the hardest job lol I love it in a way but I feel like I want to do something else.

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I just bought some cookies from our local second hand shop.

Will be Christmas present.

I am in bed keeping warm otherwise.

Maybe I can sit outside fifteen minutes today n get a little sun.

Managed to exercise half a hour.

Hoping my boyfriend will come today.
We don’t really have any contact weekdays.
Only see him weekends.


My husband and I are going to exercise soon. We’re going to watch Lost tonight after we’re done exercising. We’re rewatching it on Hulu. My husband didn’t see a lot of it and I don’t remember it. So, it’s like watching something new. We both had a good day at work. Kids are upstairs on their computers. I made baked macaroni and cheese for dinner. I served it with steamed green beans.

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That’s awesome you guys work out together!

And enjoy Lost :slightly_smiling_face:

I should rewatch it as well

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I want to lift weights. Lifted my brother’s gym bar with weights a few times then gave up, too heavy.


I’m good :slightly_smiling_face:.

I worked today, which went well.

Now I’m just chillin in my bedroom, talking to myself, going to make a late dinner soon. It’s past 9 pm here. I’m just going to reheat refried beans and taco meat, make a couple burritos.


Great just chilling with hubby watching a movie :clapper: