So unmotivated

I just can’t get moving. My house is gross. I need help but no one helps except my 10 year old. My husband can’t do much. He tried doing dishes but scalded his hands bad enough to blister because he can’t feel things. I have tried caffeine and energy drinks. Zoloft helps but i forget to take it.

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Sorry you’re feeling like this.

Sometimes I struggle with motivation, too.

Its not great advice, but you just have to do it.

Stand up and go to the mess and start cleaning, that’s the hardest part, the actual cleaning isn’t that bad,

Its just getting up.


Yeah, i just got off my lazy azz and cleaned up the bathroom. It tried to autocorrect bathroom to atheist for some reason. Guess it thinks i need to clean the atheist. Ha, shower day?

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Have you ever tried a stimulant?
That’s the only thing that works for my negative symptoms.

My doctors won’t prescribe stimulants because of psychosis. I take caffeine when i have extra cash for it.

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I had to try several before I found one that didn’t amp me up.
I guess I have different chemistry than most because my stimulant just gives me energy to get stuff done.

For energy and depression try applecider vinegar on google

I used to use ACV for my arthritis. Need to buy more.

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Funny, I posted this then went and made myself do a bunch of stuff. Straightened my bathroom, did the litterboxes, dishes, dinner, and several loads of laundry. Took trash out and cleaned the ferret cage. Surprised myself and my husband.


ACV seems to work well for my mood and energy with high carb dinner. I don’t yet have antidepressant

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Great job @ZombieMombie! You really pushed through!

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Thanks! I was surprised

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I am also very lazy and fat. I used to be pretty, pretty active with training and job related stuff. But now I
just don’t feel like going to the gym if I have to drive there.

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