Blahhhhhhgggg I have zero energy


Making mini cheese pizzas for supper because I’m too lazy to cook. The kitchen and living room are disastrous. The kids made themselves cheese nachoes to tie them over til I get off my ass. I feel so exhausted all the time. These seem similar to depression. I’m not sad. I think that the ladies who come here to give me my meds are reporting me for having a messy house. Ì feel judged. My pdoc said that he doesn’t think they are reporting me because he would be told about it.

Just as I was typing this my 15 yr old daughter told me I’m a great mom. Ì have awesome kids.


Hang in there and listen to your kids. :wink::wink::wink:


Try drinking some apple cider vinegar with warm water. You have to drink the one with “mother” in it. Drink it with a straw if you can. It gave me tons of energy and I drink it first thing in the morning. It has tons of benefits as well. You can look up the benefits of drinking apple cider vinegar on YouTube for more information.


Sending hugs and cleaning faeiries.




I’m feeling the same way! The house is messy and I’m too tired to care. Just doing the bare minimum right now.


I have had like no motivation to do anything lately so i know how you feel. I think you’re probably doing a pretty good job, though, all things considered. I would listen to your kids. You’re obviously a great mom.