I can't get up

This is so annoying. I can’t get up. It’s like the motivation has been ripped out of me. I ran errands with my hubby this morning. Now I can’t get up to do anything. He’s hanging out with one of our kids, he’s such a good dad.
Nothing is giving me motivation right now, not even my family. Picking up my water in front of me seems like too much work.
I have to sit and not force myself to do nothing for at least 5 hours a day just to recover and build up to the simplest tasks. I don’t like this one bit.
What the heck is wrong with me??? I don’t even have Sz. I am not depressed. It’s like some of my brain is dead. The part that makes people have a life.


When I asked my doctors why I was tired all the time, they looked surprised. The help they offered was negative.

To help the doctors talk to me, I then began to asked if I was so tired because of the disease I have or because of the treatment for disease I get. They admitted they had no idea.

Finally, a private pay guy said, “Well, you take enough medication to sedate a horse.”

Did you change your meds after hearing that?

Thanks @Jayster
Yeah I probably figure it’s my APs. I guess I just figure that there’s no way a medication could deaden someone this much!!! But if it gives people these negatives I figure that what it is.
I haven’t really gotten much of an answer but have medical professionals trying to psychologically help me overcome it, trying to help me, trick myself, figure out what a reward would be, cbt, etc. I just feel like something is horribly wrong with my brain.
Sorry for the ramble.
Also they may try TMS and/or ECT for it. But it seems somewhat experimental.

@chordy what do you mean did I change my meds? When?

I meant that message for @Jayster . I’m sorry I didn’t make that clear, @Artsygal

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I still take a lot of meds.


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Fatigue is a terrible feeling but it does get better over time. For me it’s often been a sign of temporary burnout from my manic episodes. If you have kids I have to give you a lot of credit because that is a huge responsibility and a lot of work for anyone even without nerve problems. Give yourself credit for small tasks like brushing your teeth or getting a shower.

Sometimes it helps to ignore the fatigue and do a small task even if it is a little uncomfortable. Just go through the motions as they say and sometimes completing a small task you didn’t feel like doing gives you confidence to try something else. If there is something you are procrastinating on don’t beat yourself up over it and know that it will get done eventually when you are feeling better

I used to really struggle with things like doing dishes but now it is much more automatic because I don’t worry as much about doing a perfect job or splashing water around a little.

At the very least give yourself credit for writing your post here which took some thought and effort to get the words sounding right and typed out correctly.

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I’m pretty much fatigued from the time I get out of bed in the morning until I go to bed at night. I got tested at the doc office and the results were that nothing is medically wrong with me. It’s several factors including my medication, being too sedentary and not sleeping enough.

The last two are under my control and I can fix those.
I go to work and I’m exhausted, it’s hard to keep it together. But I do it anyways somehow. I see other tired people all the time. Maybe “being
tired” is the new black.

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Thanks for your kind words. I try to be gentle with myself but it’s not easy. I am forcing everything I do. And having kids is busy but I don’t try to hard to keep up. But part of being a mom is forcing myself activity that I normally wouldn’t. Tonight is extra hard for whatever reason. I have battling this monster that took my motivation for the past 4 or 5 years I think.
Like you said I want to make my chores or actions more automatic. I am trying to force myself to create new habits and routines.
Thanks for the last paragraph too. It’s true and kind of you to say.
Im just frustrated with me being this way.

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I reached a place in life where I sometimes like doing dishes. It can be relaxing and a good time to daydream and just rest my mind.

I don’t know why I am tired, but also when not tired just completely stuck like my brain doesn’t have life left in it and that is the biggest problem. It’s not just tired but I am also feeling extremely lazy like too lazy to drink water. Want to be alone and do nothing is the greatest true desire. Makes me sick to my stomach.
I am impressed by people who are able to work with significant mental illness. I worked hard and my last job at company for 17 years and I can’t imagine even sweeping floors or other straight forward jobs.

You do what you can do. Things change, maybe feeling OK is right around the corner for you.

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Yeah thank you. I hope so. My wish list for life is pretty small now. I don’t have a lot of expectations so maybe I can reach those some day and have more personality again. I’m just frustrated. Thanks for listening. @77nick77

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