So torn about working

I’m so torn between wanting to work or not. A part of me feels ready to work, but another feels sluggish and indecisive. I guess the ambivalence is part of the illness. My pdoc thinks I should start looking for jobs, but my parents don’t think I’m ready. How about you? Do you work? And when did you know you were ready to go back to work?


I want to work, but I don’t feel like I can handle a full time job. My medication makes me tired with less energy. The most I’ll be able to handle is part time. Plus I don’t have a good employment history. The longest I’ve been employed is one year. I have been off work for 7 years so getting a job is going to be difficult. I am doomed. I think I am just going to be on odsp(disability) for the rest of my life.

I feel like I’ve lost my social skills to be able to work in a busy environment. I’m looking for something part-time too, but like you said, I’ve lost my energy. I haven’t worked in over a year, and I’m also on disability

I am worried if I get a job that a social security disability application I filed will be denied again and I’ll be out of luck if I stop working again

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another good point. If I get a job and lose my benefits, and my job doesn’t work out, will I be able to get back on benefits? I need to ask my case manager about this

One wount work just for money…if there isnt emotional value in it…

By emotional value i mean the invionment…like if you like plants…work in an office that has a greenhouse.

Maybe it would help if you think about things that you like in general…things that soothe you…and then get a job that has one of those things incorporated in it.

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I think in the US if you used to get cash assistance and lose it, up to a certain amount of time after you lose the cash benefits they can speed up the process of reapplying.

Make sure YOU feel ready. I think that’s important. I feel not ready so I’m not working yet instead I’m volunteering so it’s a gradual increase in hours and less pressure by far.

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Social Security said I did more than 9 months of trial working and they didn’t stop my benefits or review me.

So In my experience it’s okay to try. If you can’t do it just stop.

I work for myself and have to go, even on days I would rather stay home, once i’m out there i’m ok and I’m alone at work most of the time.

Overall I guess it good for me to get out and be doing stuff

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I am volunteering at 2 places instead of working since I have had no job experience for almost the last 10 years. If I don’t get a job by September, I will retrain and re-educate myself at a technical school that will connect me with potential employers when I graduate.

Working pays more than receiving benefits plus a 9am-5pm/5 days a week work fills in the day like any other normal person would do,

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