So tired but can't sleep

I am so tired… I couldn’t sleep all night and now I can’t sleep even though I’m tired


I’m sorry. I had this problem last week. Can you try to force yourself to be very active today? Sometimes that helps me. Just forcing myself to push myself to the limit so by the time 8 pm rolls around I can collapse into bed and sleep 12 hours straight

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@ninjastar. Maybe I. Can try it after David leaves for work

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Stay out of your bed whatever you do. If you need to rest, do it on a couch or chair. And no naps! And tonight, if you still feel restless, you can take whatever PRN you are allowed. Some people like Nyquil, some like Benadryl, some like melatonin, some have a prescription sleep aid. Whatever your doctor has said is okay for you.

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Thanks @ninjastar. I’ll try not to nap… Might be easier than I think… I am loving drinking tea than eating food… That’s how I kept from eating all night last night… Herbal tea and a few white teas

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I think I know why you couldn’t sleep.

@ninjastar. Maybe I’ll lose some weight lol lord knows I need to

@ninjastar. Might be right…
Add: I don’t feel a caffeine buzz though…

I can’t sleep if I am too hungry or too full. I need to be the exact right amount of fed. I keep microwavable bags of vegetables on hand for snack cravings. Or fruit like bananas, clementines, apples, tomatoes, etc. Something that is easy to grab and eat in under a minute, but still has a nutritional value.

@ninjastar Idk maybe Idk… I’ll stay up all day today though just as you said and see what happens

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