So small town living is like

shoot the sh-it for awhile, get excited about your kids sports,

help your neighbors, and plan vacations you’re always happy to come home from, or hosptializations for that matter. ha.

bedroom community. gotta love it.

What’s a bedroom community?

I don’t live in a small town. I live in a mid-sized city. Do you know everyone?

ohh it’s pretty fancy cool when I can run into someone at the store,

but the other, even smaller towns come here to shop.
big push, but I’m at odds, they move here from the cities,

then think they should drive like the cities!

I live in a city, near lots of bigger cities.

I like it that way.

I grew up in a small town and hated it.

yeah, all the graduates typically get out.

or go away, and morph back here cuz of extended family,
and to raise their kids.

why you say that though, you think it’s all backward here, small towns?

I didn’t like it because too many people were in your business and you couldn’t go anywhere without running into like three people you knew.

I was also in the south, so there were some cultural weirdness that I wasn’t into.

It could have just been the town I was in, but I’ll never live in a small town again.

small town poets are like, I kept something, didn’t I? tradition.

I live in a small mountain Valley town. Always running in to someone and yep, everyone knows your business.

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it’s in the paper, any foul.

Sheriff told me, it’s public knowledge.

I would love to be in a Valley, by the way.

Education levels are generally lower and it shows. Those with the degrees head to the cities. The local FB groups are all kinds of OMFG. Have someone complaining to the mayor in a local group this morning that the “lake” in town needs a beach. Hey, lady, it’s a runoff collector from the storm system. Do you REALLY want your kids swimming in motor oil and dog poopies? Just dumb.

I like my town because it’s a bedroom community for a nearby larger centre and has higher education levels as a result. It’s also on a major highway so there are also better services than usual for this size of municipality. It’s still small enough that I can get everywhere on foot, which is how I like it.

It’s nice in a way. Lots of valleys here. Typical low mountains of the East.


there can be dead zones. it’s kills vegetation.

Not so far, they’re extremely careful about the water quality for the most part. It’s just generally acknowledged that it’s not safe to swim in. There are fish in there, but they’re not safe to eat, catch and release only.

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