So pissed off

yesterday my friend texted me saying lets meet up tomorrow and go to the beach i said lovely ild like that. so i texted her today and she didnt reply i texted her again and she said shed already taken the the dog for a walk and was going to pick up izzy from school no offer of popping over for a coffee or anything. then she asked me if id been to any groups lately i said no i havent and she didnt text back.
i give up!!! its like she doesnt trust me around her kid too like im a pedo or something ive tried so many times and just get blown off.
if you dont want to be my friend just SAY SO. GRRR

I think you have every right to maybe text… “hey there, you offered to go to the beach or hang out and then you blew me off… is something wrong? Are YOU Ok?”

I wonder what would have happened it you would have said yes you have been to a group… on on-line group… (like this forum?) :wink:

suprisedJ the fact that there is an implication that im not supposed to be trusted around her kid is enough for me to tell her to ■■■■ right off im going back to AA shes a pot head anyway.
theres a womens group down the road from me might meet some new folk there thanks for the reply.

My son used to get very upset with one of his aunts, as she would make plans with him and not follow through on them. He used to ask me if she didn’t like him anymore. Had she contacted me and said anything. He would text her and wait for her to respond. Sometimes she did but a lot of the time she wouldn’t or would answer a day later. I did my best to explain to him that she was like that with everyone. She rarely answers my texts either and I’m her sister. I’m guessing that since your friend made plans with you then she probably likes you. Sometimes other things come up and people forget that they haven’t answered a text. Hopefully she will answer you soon.

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