Iphoned my friend today

I phoned my friend today and she was really intense and rude on phone. She said you say you give up smoking and drinking then say you’ve had three cigarettes in morning. That means you haven’t given up.

You give up easily because you don’t do illustrations. How do you feel. I said I feel fine. She said I don’t think you understood me how do you feel about the future. You just answer me in short words.

Then she said since I’ve known you you go in circles saying you want children and then don’t talk about it. You should just do it now.

She’s seriously getting on my nerves. What’s how I live and life choices got to do with her? I don’t pass judgement on her life.

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I really want to let go of the friendship.

Can anyone give me advice about what to do? So fed up.

Perhaps she was just having a bad day. If it were a regular occurrence then I would question the friendship especially if she continually makes you feel bad.


I didn’t answer phone calls yesterday. I’m going to maybe answer phone today if she calls and say I don’t want to be interigatted on how Iive my life.


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