So omega 3 has helped my chronic dry eyes

For. About 4 years I had really bad dry eyes. I constantly had episcleritis and looked bloodshot constantly. Most nights I had to go to bed early because I could see to read or watch tv.

My optician said try omega 3 supplements. So i take 2 omega 3 pills a day. This last year my eyes have been totally fine.

Way to go optician!!!


I should try that

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ohhh, Jim, my pharmacist looked it up,

and said no fish oil on psych meds.
I thought it was ridiculous,

but I didn’t buy the supplement.

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D3 is okay though. I take that every day, hope it’s helping my heart.

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For real? Oh that sucks. My pdoc prescribed me omega at one point though. Think I am gonna stay on it


Wazzzzup. ■■■■■■■ rad my dude.

I didn’t have as good of luck with the eye doctor. When I told him my vision problem he said you must have super powers.:joy::joy:

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I have been taking Omega 3s for years now, I’ve never had a problem. And there are so many benefits. It’s nice to hear that an optician prescribed something natural, instead of yet another chemical drug to treat the symptom

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I’m prone to dry eyes.I use eye drops A regular thing for me for a few hours after getting up is difficulty having my eyes wide open due to the morning glare. I squint a lot then.

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