So my concentration for movies is finally improving. This is very important to me

The ability to get lost in a movie escaped me whilst I was on a typical AP. It has been 4 months since I quit it and am able to enjoy movies again. Very happy


how you feeling without it jim? :slight_smile:


Feeling fine now. Am still on quetiapine. The first three months I had pretty bad anxiety but that is settling now.

I am also keeping the flat a lot more presentable too.

Mum says she has seen a huge improvement in me since stopping the depixol.


why did you take it anyway?


It helped in the first few years of illness, when the thoughts ran fast and hard. Was pretty good at slowing things down then.

But the pace of my thoughts are a lot calmer now and quetiapine does the job with fewer side effects.

The depixol helped but it was like a sledgehammer


Mate. I rarely if ever watch movies these days. I miss it and can relate! I just started reading again and am proud about that! It’s just so hard for me to sit and watch a movie…but I can play a video game for hours…!

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Great news! I know how this feels and how important it is to be able to focus on things like this.

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I can relate to that alot also.
My first year or so they had me on a pretty big dose of meds. I could not concentrate on anything, it was super frustrating.
Now that I am off the heavy dose, I most of the time am able to read and watch movies. It is so nice to be able to enjoy things again!!

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