Guys so much happier being off the typical AP and on to just seroquel


I was on a typical called depixol (fluanxol). I was on it for about 6 years along with seroquel and some other psych meds.

However I could not concentrate on it. I rarely leave the house so movies and tv are precious to me. This typical deprived me of the pleasure of movies. In fact in general there was anhedonia.

So it came to a head. I flat out refused to take the depixol. I figured I wouldn’t be jumping off a cliff because I was still on 600mg of seroquel (a solid therapeutic dose). So I refused my depot 8 weeks ago.

For the first 5 weeks I didn’t notice any difference in concentration. Luckily I got no withdrawal symptoms from the depixol. But these last three weeks life has been great.

I can watch movies and tv. Music is rich and books engaging. I have found myself phoning my folks less. I used to phone about 4 times a day because I was chronically distressed.

But on coming off the typical I feel tremendously more content. I can distract myself so I don’t feel the need to phone folk all the time. This makes me happy and my family happy.


well I hope you stay stable @anon35166066 you must be relieved anyways…good for you. and your family.