So much free time with nothing to do

I have alot of free time to kill, like 10 hours a day. I live alone at an apartment on disability. I don’t go to any kinds of rehab at the moment though I used to but I had a relapse so I decided to quit that and stay home all day.

It’s been 5 months since I quit rehab but I feel I’m going crazy with so much time with nothing to do.

What I do almost everyday are cooking and grocery shopping. I wish I could read but I seem to have cognitive dysfunction which makes reading quite difficult.

I think I’m alittle depressed right now. I don’t want to do anything.

Looking back there were a few such boring days every week, like 5 good days and 2 bad days. And today is definitely one of these bad days.

On a good day I can enjoy cooking or grocery shopping and sometimes I can even read.

But I don’t know how to handle these I-don’t-want-to-do-anything days.

Should I need to get by or any advice for feeling better?

If I could read, that would be the best…


I am sorry you are feeling bored and depressed. I am wondering what meds are you on and at what dose as these meds makes you difficulty reading books. Reading is really an enjoyable thing to do in terms of killing time.

We all have bad days… And you shouldn’t be to hard on yourself, this illness is hard enough.

Give yourself some time and then think about something you want to be doing. Maybe volunteering?

You’re very similar to me. I could set records for doing nothing. Reading is always a good thing to do when you’re in this situation. Try forcing yourself a little. It might be worth it.

I’m on 6mg Abilfy and 200mg Depakene r. There’s been some improvement on difficulty in reading, though it’s still hard.

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True… sometimes there are bad days.

The problem is that on bad days, everything seems wrong and I tend to forget about good days.

Yeah, I guess I need to force myself to read alittle.


I know the feeling… Maybe talk to your pdoc? Maybe you’re having mood swings.

It’s just an option. Reading can be an enjoyable way to pass the time, but it you’re not into it, reading can be boring.

I think I am. It’s hard to always be in control.

I’m wondering if Risperidone works for this situation?

Risperidone has a mood stabilizer aspect in it. It helps you but maybe it’s not enough.

I love to read. But it’s difficult for me now probably due to cognitive dysfunction. I really wish I could enjoy reading like I used to.

Anyway I just took it. They say it works for anxiety, tension, etc. to stabilize mood.

I hope it will work.

And I’ll try to do some stretching to lift my mood…

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You remind me of me. Sometimes I think I’ll go crazy if there’s nothing to do. I lie in bed the majority of the time with the TV set turned on. I’ve been taking Risperidone for 4 or 5 years and with me it does nothing about wanting to do something. I do the have to’s but normally I don’t do anything. I’ll go to day treatment, but mostly I just sit there and say nothing. I really don’t have any friends and only have limited people I talk to. I’m taking antidepresents so I know I’m not depressed. The pdoc says this is being amotivational and is a negative symptom of sz. Hope this helps knowing there are other people out there like you.

I do the have to’s but normally I don’t do anything

Same here.

Dear bananatto, hopefully you will be able to read again soon.

One thing that happens to me, along with lack of focus, is that I stop being able to read small text. My eyes don’t follow the lines and I constantly lose my place. When this starts happening, I get large print books.

Sometimes I can’t read at all though and that is cognitive symptoms.