So I have asked...4? Counselors to see me since I left my last one

And they all said no except for one, and that one says she doesn’t like to tell anyone “no” so that is telling me she has way more problems than I think I could be comfortable seeing with. So I have to cancel my appointment with her before Thursday.

The lady at common grounds (crisis center) made me feel very good but I got the feeling she wanted to ■■■■ me. And, uh, with my past experience, I don’t feel comfortable seeing her that way. Of course it might be all in my head but that’s what I kept telling myself when the thing happened that I referenced in my last sentence.

A lot of the counselors that I’ve called recently were given to me on a list from common grounds that said they take either my insurance, or are free to see. The last resort I have is to go to the university because they are 100% free but I don’t know if they will have someone that is a student that is younger than me and is able to get our of their comfort zone to be able to be a good counselor. I don’t want to be a guinea pig for someone with no/little experience yet. If I had less serious issues then yes I would but that is not the case.

In any case. I’m probably going to have to call them and ask questions because there aren’t many people available to me on the sheet from common grounds.

Sigh…no suggestions please or asking me for more details about this, that kind of communication just doesn’t work in my case here.


That’s shitty man I hope you can find someone who can lend you a hand


Yeah if all else fails I have the counselor at the crisis center.

I just have a hard time finding people that make me feel comfortable.


Yes, l hope you find some one you click with - @anon1571434. It can make a big difference. Kudos to you for being so proactive.

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Thanks you guys :blush:

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If you are not comfortable that counselor I dont blame you for wanting to cancel.

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