So I have a problem with my Saphris

When they filled it this time for some reason they gave me a different brand and I can’t stand the way it tastes. Normally they give me black cherry, which took awhile to get used to but now I sort of like it. Anyway, this stuff they gave me makes me gag and I’m supposed to keep it under my tongue for 10 minutes.

Oh yea Saphris you have to eat it like candy. Flavored meds.

well this stuff they gave me doesn’t have a flavor. It just tastes like meds.

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Maybe its unflavored then. Ask for your favorite flavor.

I’m stuck with this for a month but I don’t think I can handle taking it

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Why not go to the pharmacy and exchange it?

You’re not alone. I’ve read similar complaints about the drug.

Nobody really takes Saphris on this site…. Idk

you can’t trade in medicine

I meant just explain them the situation if you cant really take the pills.

Anyone knows what happens if you put watermelon chunks in the freezer?

I’m about to find out.

Edit: W15151512515