Saphris black cherry


New med sample my pdoc put me on. It dissolves under your tongue. I am on 5mg. Makes me sleep like a baby!
Down falls is it makes my mouth numb for an hour and gives me a little bit of anxiety.
Anyone else ever heard of it or taken it?


I used to be on it. Don’t get the ones that aren’t flavored they taste horrible.


The black cherry is horrible, I would hate to see what the none flavored tasted like.

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Yeah it’s pretty much like sucking an aspirin.


Why can’t they make these things taste good? I get a pill that won’t go down at least once or twice a week. The taste ruins my day.


Lamictal tastes like ■■■■ :frowning:


Saphris gives me pretty bad anxiety too, to the point where my hands shake. I often don’t take it if I have to go out and do something important the next day because of the anxiety. But, it’s the first antipsychotic that’s helped my symptoms. I really need to stop missing doses.


So far it had helped me too. The anxiety is pretty rough, I have to smoke a cig to calm me down. I only take it at night because it makes me sleep.


I was on Saphris for a few months. It didn’t make me sleepy. In fact, it made it harder for me to fall asleep. And when I finally did, I would sleep walk and sleep eat! I gained 10 pounds on it because of this. So I just stopped it.

I hope you have better luck on it!