Anyone take saphris?

I have discovered a trick for the bad taste in your mouth afterwards. You know that taste that won’t go away no matter what you do…well it just so happens that atomic fire balls take that taste away completely. And I’m trying to get off the desserts so having these little balls around gives me a little sugar to curb the sugar cravings. So give it a try.


I hate the Saphris taste and numbness, too. I use Listerine dissolving strips to get rid of the taste…but I’m also naughty and don’t wait the recommended 10 minutes after taking to eat or drink. I also forget my morning dose half the time. What can I say, my compliance is less than ideal…anyone eating that “black cherry” med could understand why.

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arent u supposed to not eat anything for a certain amount of time after taking it tho

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Yes, I wait the 5 minutes my pdoc said to wait. She said 5 minutes is fine.