Who here likes their therapist

I have a great therapist. He is very holistic and considers the mind, body, and spirit.

I almost forgot the people working in the team with the psychiatrist. Yes i liked the team’s.

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I have a really good team.

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The fantastic four helping a sz:))


My therapist ghosted me and I’m still bitter about it.

I’m still on the fence but I love my pdoc.

Well that sucks @anon54386108

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Maybe I am fortunate enough to have a good therapist

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It’s nice to hear from you @anon54386108

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I mean I don’t love my therapist but I kind of like her - she’s ok.
I’ve seen better but I’ve also seen worse.

I think the therapist I have now is in my top 2. I have had very bad luck with therapist in the past.

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I think they are 3 different kinds of love. Eros, Amor and something else. When you Google" kinds of love greek"

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I like her but I’m notsureifI love her.

Maybe I used too strong of a word. I just wanted to draw people to this thread.

@moderators could you change the post to like instead of love. Thanks

She just wanted me to talk non stop, and not give advice, think I’d be better served talking into the mirror.

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Sometimes I need to hear how it sounds what I like to say. It’s not dead serious sometimes, but i need to talk.
The priest usually took confessions in church. It moved to psychiatry I believe

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My crisis worker was so lovely and i crushed on her a bit.
I have a different one and she’s ok.
My pdoc is awesome. He gets me

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I have a new one. She’s ok, don’t have the same relationship as my last one but I guess that’s to be expected.