So I got a job today

$11.75 an hour for dishwashing and prep work :upside_down_face:
Let’s hope I can do this without too much trouble, some days I feel off and wonkers ---- however I’m excited to start tomorrow :sunglasses:


Best of luck with it @Cloudd3ad . Sounds good !

That is awesome. Good for you. Hope everything goes well. :cat::cat::cat:


Hope it goes well for you

Congratulations Cloudd

Congrats! Working is a great way to get your mind off things sometimes

Congrats. I’ve done both, I spent my high school and University years working in various restaurants. I didn’t like being a dishwasher, I did that exclusively for 6 months. After that I become a line/prep cook, I liked that much better. The great thing is you’ll learn how to be a good cook which means better food at home! :100:

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