First week of new job

It feels better to be working because when I’m at home I no longer have that sinking feeling of having no purpose other than to eat and sleep.

I just finished day 6 of my job as a dishwasher at a major corporate fine dining chain. The job is constant movement and rather strenuous but idc bc I’m losing weight now bc of it.

The people are less personable than they were at another chain I worked at. This is because it’s high pressure at this new one.


Cool. Congratulations on the job. My favorite part of restaurant or food service jobs was snacking on the food in the kitchen. A few olives sometimes, slices of roast beef or turkey, cheese, maybe slice off a little cake, maybe some bread, lol. Yeah, I miss that.


well done nomad, i find it hard washing dishes as i get tense/anxious leaning over the sink, good for you x

I’ve always found that simple, physical and repetitive work to really work for me. My brain can go off on tangents but sticking to the work really becomes a zoning thing. I still don’t mind it in my volunteer work still.

Well done for getting through your work. Hope it continues to go well!

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Thats great news to being proactive.i hope you can gain experience at your s really great feeling to do your job i hope you can do it.:sunny::sunrise_over_mountains:

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