So, I am good at somethin


I am good at training dogs… And I was just thinking to myself, why not train therapy dogs for mental illness?! I have a whole litter of pups to start groundwork on in a few weeks. They won’t all be capable of that line of work, but, I can weed through them and maybe, just maybe, make a person and dog, very happy. I can even pay for the certification myself and then give the dog to someone who really needs it, rather than putting it through an agency that will charge someone thousands for the dog… Just a thought…


maybe you could get a sponsor or something :slight_smile: good idea :thumbsup:

there was a girl who came here once who had a therapy dog called sheriff if i remember right and it helped her a lot i think.


Don’t need a sponsor. I have a husband!

I am thinking a little beyond basic therapy. I am thinking…

Detecting anxiety

Detecting abnormal risk behavior

Detecting psychosis


And contacting emergency personnel.

Is there anything else that you would need in a… We’ll call it a psychiatric dog?

Anyone? It’s not horribly difficult to train these things, just requires the right dog.


if i remember right the dog she had called sheriff would come between her and others who got too close and keep her out of difficult situations, she took him everywhere i think but i think she might have only had him a year which isn’t ideal, wish she could talk to you but idk what happened to her and i can’t remember her name.


Latopla has trained her dog I know, as a service dog for mentally ill.


Has Latopla been around here? I haven’t noticed any posts from her.


Good ideas but don’t start out too ambitiously.


Not much. She showed up saying she had been in a research project for a few months + I don’t remember seeing her name since then.


@samples32 I would do some research to look up exactly what you plan on training the dogs? Good luck. Sounds like a great project for you.


Working on that now. The good news is I have a lot of help from people (including my husband) that train military and police dogs.


Sounds like a great idea Samples - I think that you would be really good at it! :smiley:


That sounds like a really fun idea! Definitely look into it.

I love dogs :slight_smile: :dog: