Psychiatric Service Animals?

I really want one. I bet it would help my anxiety and depression extremely. I love animals more than anything on the planet. One dog kiss makes me happier then a dose of antidepressants.

Does anyone have one? Or knows about them? It seems extremely hard to get one, and quite a lot of money.

I’ve looked up what they can do to help, and it’s incredible. They’ll remind you to take your pills everyday. They will stop you from self harm behaviour. They will see you dissociate and lick your face until you come back. They will lie on your tummy and give you pressure for anxiety attacks. They will go in front of and bark at every person in the room so you can help figure out what is a hallucination and not really there.

Not to mention I would actually go out of my house if I had one. It would be extremely helpful for me getting my grocery shopping done. Even appointments wouldn’t be as stressful if I had a service animal there to help me.

(Not to mention, it doesn’t need to be a dog, some people have a service pony! Or a service pig! Whatever really!)

Does anyone know how to go about getting one? I was thinking of going through disability, and getting my doctor to sign off on it, but I don’t know if that would be enough. I’ve tried looking this up but it all seems quite expensive.


i know a lady who adopted a dog she tried to make into a service animal but he was too anxious for it. he was scared of people and he cried the whole way to her house in the cab. she is thinking of signing up one of her cats to be an emotional support animal but i don’t think they have those in indiana

I think you just register an existing pet as a service animal.

I registered my dog Rigby as an emotional support animal (he’s a pitbull and I was afraid people would be afraid of him)

And all we got was a vest…


Just fill out some paperwork and you’re good!

I think they only send you animals if you have a disability for which a dog can be trained, like being blind or deaf.

But I’m not 100%, and Canada could be different.


Yeah in Canada there is a bit of a difference I believe. There is emotional support animals but to my knowledge they can’t accompany you inside stores. Also these are just pets that you register as an emotional support animal.

Psychiatric Service animals are legit Service animals. It’s common for veterans to have them for PTSD, but they also are available to other MI’s and autism. These animals were already trained and certified by certain (usually) non profit companies to do a lot of fancy things that can help you depending on your illness.

Its still not as common as other Service animals though. Unfortunately since I bet this could help a lot of us.


My own cat helps me. He offers me the love and companionship that I get from nowhere and from nobody else except from up above.

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my mums dog is the best dog ever and she does give me and others a lot of therapy like she loves attention and wants petted all the time but she knows when you’ve had enough as well, she makes everyone happy :slight_smile: like when people see her they smile and say nice things about her and they look at me and smile, i take her out to a bar at the weekends when i can and she loves it and to the cafe, i’ll try and show you a pick or a video lol


Both of the people I know with service animals had to pay a crazy amount of money. They fundraised and such, but it was close to $50,000.


if i wanted to register her as a service dog how would i do that? she is a natural x

I never knew anything about those. Interesting.
If possible, would it be cheaper to buy a regular puppy and pay to have it trained? I’ve never heard of service dogs for people suffering from schizophrenia. Maybe its cheaper to import one from another country where they are not as expensive?

Maybe call the Social Security Administration and see if they have any info on these dogs. The national number is 1-800-772-1213. If they can’t help you directly, maybe at least they can give you a couple of leads to someone knowledgeable about these dogs. It’s kind of logical that schizophrenics who need these dogs will not be able to afford them without monetary aid so maybe you can find a place that has these dogs and will give you a discount.

It seems kind of counterproductive to charge a person with schizophrenia a fortune just to get one of these dogs. You would think that the people who raise and train these dogs would take into consideration that most of us don’t have a lot of extra cash laying around.

Maybe there’s a waiting list you can put your name on to get one of the dogs.


This is a video I watched that really opened my eyes to what these animals are trained to do, amazing.


That’s fantasric. If it can do all those things for me plus cook and vacuum I would marry it.


thats a very cool dog, i think my dog does all of that except pick things up and open/close doors :slight_smile:

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If they’re legal than that sounds like the ■■■■…

Now if only I had something that operated like a cat but responded like a dog.

Trained dogs can help you tell a hallucination from real and lead you away. Drop every thing in a anxiety attack and comfit the owner. Also can take them into a bomb shelter. Have heard a great deal about them from internet friends over the years.

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Thank you for the information.

I just don’t understand the function of a psychiatric service animal.

Maybe for the few that have near debilitating conditions, maybe,

That aside, I just really don’t get it.

What would they do that a regular dog can’t?

They can follow you places that normal dogs can’t. You can’t take a normal dog into a grocery store, ect. They’re also extremely trained to do a lot more then a regular dog. Most dogs don’t know how to do pressure therapy or stop self harm. Or be able to tell who’s in your house by clearing it room for room, so you can tell what’s a hallucination. Cool stuff like that.

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Ah, I’m glad to help! I’ve done lots of research on PSDs, and they’re FANTASTIC. I’m very close to convincing my mom to let me get a SD and train it myself.

I won’t lie, it is a bit pricey, but it’s not as much as you think. It’s best to train the dog yourself, money wise and for the both of you. Getting a pe-trained SD is expensive and you don’t get the bond you need for your dog. Plus it might not work out and if it washes out, you lose money.
Training isn’t very hard. I recommend getting a dog that has already been obedient trained, but the actual tasks are up to you. You DO NOT need a certification for your dog in the US. BUT, people who don’t understand will ask and possibly discriminate against you, so YOU CAN get a doc’s note just to make them feel better, even if it’s ■■■■■■■■ lmao. You can also look up the ADA regulations incase I do not convince you.

Think of a SD (whether PSD or SD, they have both the same rights as long as they carry out a task to mitigate your disability. THERAPY ANIMALS ARE NOT SDs and do NOT get full access) as a wheelchair. Wheelchairs get the same access rights as your SD, and you yourself.

Best of wishes, I recommend watching YouTube videos on task performances, since finding a trainer is a little expensive, BUT if you wish to do that, that’s fine! I also recommend watching videos of those who have SDs and watch what it’s like to have one and what you might face


My new puppy Sherlock, is a chocolate labrador retriever. Today he is 10 weeks old. I will be training him as a service dog.
I have research and thought about this for a long time. Now I’m doing it.


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