So how do I know when I should go to the hospital and when I can handle it on my own?

I’m very much craving a therapeutic environment right now but if I go to the hospital It will have negative consequences. For example, I might miss thanksgiving. Among other things.

The psych hospital where I was committed to was horrible.
Staying there made me worse.


I second that. Psych wards are not good places.


I think try as long as you can to stay out of the hospital. But if it gets to be too much to deal with you may have to go and not have Thanksgiving at home


Every time I go into the hospital I regret doing it. All you do is lay around doing nothing. I hope I never go in again.


I agree with all of you. I’m starving but can’t cook yet. I just got off the phone with mobile crisis. So i got to talk to a therapist and i feel better. But I’m still not ok to cook which sucks!!

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I remember yelling at hospital nurses that I have a life and needed to get out then other patients copied me and yelled the same thing at nurses lol. Two bodyguards came and calmed me, brought me to my room and a nurse told me to take a few pills or I will get an injection. I took the pills. I missed my friends and my gaming PC there. It was very boring.


I’d go if my symptoms are too overwhelming, very severe, or if I haven’t slept for many days and can’t achieve to. Otherwise I try to stay out of the hospital because usually they increase the dose of the medication and I try to keep it as low as possible.

I’m having a real hard time tonight

Are you on meds? Are you suicidal or violent?

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I take my meds every day. I see a therapist. I’m neither suicidal nor violent. Just terrified


I can relate. I always take my meds. I’m not violent or suicidal, but I’m always very afraid

Maybe you need a med adjustment? Tell your symptoms to your psychiatrist.

Not sure where you live, but here in England they’re basically holding places for people who’re either a danger to themselves or others.

Back in my first hospitalisation, they had a smoking room with a TV, radiator and some nice chairs. I remember just sitting in there all day chain smoking with the other patients watching TV.

Their company was reassuring, but my recent experiences of being put in those places is extreme boredom as they do nothing to keep you occupied.

Hospitals also do not let you smoke any more here

Well now that i made an ass to myself to 50 ppl on messenger everything is cool