How do you know when its time to go into the hospital?

I’ve been feeling really bad lately. I cry what seems like all day. I didn’t leave the house for 3 weeks until Thanksgiving Day when we went to visit both our parents. I have more and more thoughts of SI/SU but so far no thoughts of cutting for self-harm purposes. This morning I caught myself Googling ways to do it. I know its just passing thoughts, I just have to ride them out and then they are gone. I’m going through a med change. I’m on 10mg of Saphris and 80mg of Latuda plus 300mg of Wellbutrin and 200mg of lamictal. All my prior times of going in the hospital I’ve been in the pdoc or tdoc’s office crying out of my mind, SI/SU and they sent me directly to the hospital from the office. I’m home alone all day and when G. comes home from work all we do is talk about him and his day.

Is there anyone you can call? Like a doctor or nurse? Maybe they can decide whether or not you should be in hospital.

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It a Friday after a holiday. I think they are closed. I’ve called before when they are closed and there is no on-call or telephone nurse or operator that gets messages or answers. There is a walk-in crisis ER in the local hospital. But I’m very hesitant to go there. I worked there as a student last semester so they know me and it would be very weird to go as a patient.

Give them a call. If there’s nobody there, consider going to the walk in crisis centre. Don’t worry about it being weird, that’s exactly what they’re there for.

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The last time I saw my tdoc she made me feel like a real jerk. I knew things were going downhill even 3 1/2 weeks ago when I called and got in to see her right away. She didn’t have to make the “emergency appt” her words, not mine. I told her I immediately felt relieved when we made the appt and as soon as I saw her. I needed to talk to someone, to tell them what was going on. She said we couldn’t keep doing this, just like I couldn’t keep going into the hospital every time I felt bad. She said something about that relief I got from the appt and seeing her, like it wasn’t a good thing. I feel terrible every time I think of that last appt.

Wellbutrin is very stimulating and can worsen psychosis.

I’m not psychotic. I’m just very depressed. No command hallucinations this time. Maybe just delusional about the message she was giving me at the appt.

Stimulating meds can make u depressed as well. I was very aggressive/angry + psychotic on ritalin…

I thought Wellbutrin was an antidepressant? Albeit a mild one

yes its an antidepressant of NDRI class(norepinephrine dopamine reuptake inhibitor)

What was the tdoc trying to tell me? Am I wrong being upset with what she said? Am I not supposed to go to her with my problems and to seek help?

I’m sorry you are feeling bad @Skims. I was psychotic last spring, long story short I learn the hospital 70 miles away has a great doctor great comforting psych ward. Maybe a road trip will help, take a drive and checkout a neighbor hospital.

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Based on everything you wrote in your first post @skims, i think its time for a hospital.
I don’t know the conditions and details of your living situation so I can’t say this 100% sure, but I think you should consider it.


When you are over whelmed with depression and nothing but bad thoughts it is time to ask for help or go to the hospital.

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@Skims. I recommend that you call your pdoc. They may or may not be closed, but you won’t know that until you call.

Can you call G at work if you need more immediate help that can’t wait until he gets home from work?

If you think you might harm yourself, go to the hospital or call 911.

In terms of your tdoc, consider letting them know how you felt after the last appointment and that it’s still bothering you. You might also consider getting a new tdoc.


Hey @Skims
I totally agree with @Moonbeam, it’s time to call your psychiatrist.

Touch base and get his or her feedback.

If he recommends going to the Hospital then I would listen.

You can go on a Voluntary basis at that point.

Please don’t hesitate to call 911 if things get too much.

I wish you the Best :sunny:

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I don’t think your tdoc meant to be offensive. It seems like she was saying you should make preventative care more of a priority, instead of just making appointments when you’re in crisis. But for now, it is time to call for help. There is nothing wrong with seeking help when you need it. I’m sure the staff at the hospital will be very understanding.

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I’ve been very good at catching it very early. At the first signs that you feel your mood shift is the perfect time to go in rather than it being too late and they treat you for something different than what you are actually experiencing. When you start to ponder about death, give it the bird and go to the hospital. There have been times where the civilian doctors don’t understand the emergency and I have had to threaten. Do what you have to in order to feel better, but please don’t leave this life. I know that it sucks. I have been dealing with the same things as you lately and your best bet is the emergency room. If you can get onto a military base for treatment, that is the best way to help yourself. I will only go to FLW. I can’t stand the civilian world.
Good luck to you and please stick around. Your life does matter and though I do not know you very well, you matter to me. I don’t want to see anyone go because of what we have to live with.