So, has anyone else noticed how friendly grocery store employees are now?

Around me I think it is company policy that the the employees must greet EVERY customer. This has been going on for a couple of years now.

But then I go to the Mexican grocer in the town over and NOBODY there greets. I feel like they’re ignoring the Gringo. But I need soffrito for my rice! So I have to go in there to get it.


They are always friendly, everywhere I shop. Sometimes we have a little chat. I feel so bad they got to work for my convenience . I try my best not to be a burden to this work.

The Big chain supermarkets round here seem to see you as a bit faceless, as if they are reading from a script, which with my brain always thinks they are being condsending.

But the local Indian Grocer at the end of my road is absolutley lovely. Always says hello and doesnt charge for cashback on the debit card. Even gives me credit when im too near my payday. It Saddens me he has to put up with racist abuse at times from little shits round here trying to buy alcohol.

Its a chore for me mentally to be in large supermarkets anyway - so i do it online, but im grateful for my little corner shop.

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When I walk into 7-11 they always greet me. It feels nice!

Very few to no workers ever greet me. I feel ignored most of the time. If not actually abused. That’s why I hate to shop. Besides hating to spend money. I do all of my grocery shopping online now. Feels so much better.

@anon99082702, I resent you saying that Mexicans “hate” non Mexicans. I am half Mexican and half Anglo. And I do not hate non Mexicans.

Here in New England everyone ignores you. I love it

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@Air, But, I live in Nebraska. This is supposed to be a friendly state! NOT!!!

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When I worked as a cashier, we HAD to greet everyone with a smile and a kind word. It was super hard some days, but it’s nice to see this thread and know our efforts were appreciated by at least someone other than the managers. I guess it just goes to show you, treat people with kindness whenever you can, because you don’t know who needs it most.

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They are very friendly here at my local super market.
Everyone knows me.

I always say hi.

My dad sis and I went to the Brazilian restaurant the other day and I could tell our server was getting irritated with us. He’s usually very nice. I told my dad,”We’re getting on his nerves.” My dad’s like “No we’re not.” I’m like ,”You don’t see the look on his face?”

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