Grocery store employees

harass me and I can’t figure out why. I am polite, mind my own business and buy stuff from their stores, it doesn’t matter which one I go to they give me a hard time and call me a derogatory word.
I don’t even know these people
I wonder if this is meaning I should just grow all my own food. not rely on their products because in fact they are selling crap anyway.
thanks for reading my venting.

If employees harass you, you should follow a complaint.

Is there any chance you are mistaken about the harassment? I’m not saying you invented the problem out of nowhere but maybe you are reading the employees wrong and maybe they are just teasing you in a friendly way or maybe you are reading their tone or their intent wrong. What exactly are they doing or saying to harass you? I can believe that maybe they might be harassing you at one store but it’s a little hard to believe that you get harassed at every store you go too.


i have a bag boy at the nearest grocery store…he harasses me all the time, but maybe its because i punched him in the face for calling my GF a whore? well anyway, he calls me ■■■, psycho, and my personal favorite “Mr. Hamster Dick”

That last one just makes me laugh, its like high school all over again.

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Hum. Maybe I’m a bit of a bad influence - but, for the sake of sharing: I would sit tight on chair, alone, for a couple of mins or so, and explain those guys things (in my head), and then pretend that they are wondering the **** is my problem, and would close the conversation by saying that I don’t know, and that they probably experiencing what people call « voices… » Funny, something a bit strange happened to me last evening when I went to the grocery - I let it go immediately when I was in the store, but reading your post reminded me of it (and, since I’m not sick) it is really hard for me to relate to your experience. Take care, pretend that the one packing your bag is your ex-girlfriend new boyfirend, and that he just follows you everywhere, for the sake of it… Nah. The thing with the chair. Ah, anyhow. You take care, friend.

Contact the manager and tell him what his employees are doing. In some stores they have complaint boxes.

yes I don’t know maybe its hallucination its sort of with the white lights and can discern the exact person or direction
I don’t know its my life every where I go

Okay today I had to get a few things from the store.
It is early here and i go in and they look at me. I try to smile and do my biz.
one guy who works there says hello to me and so i say hello back and then i turn my back and hear him calling me derogatory names (real or hallucination?) I ignore it keep shopping. Only about 3 shoppers besides me in this big ol store. Lady and her guy standing blocking an isle with their cart. I try to go past but crash into the edge, she then moves her cart says oh excuse me, and I say oh thats ok. I keep going hear the guy call me a derogatory name (real or hallucination?) So I check out my groceries with the cashier talking and he says something I couldn’t understand his accent - I politely ask whats that? He looks offended, I try to make talk he asks me if Im going home after this (in a patronizing way) I make up some crap about being so busy. So after I check out and I’m bagging groceries this other employee comes up to him and starts saying some crap about ‘that white woman’–she was white I am a bunch of ethnicities including white but also middle eastern
was she talking crap about me? I dont know. this stuff stresses me out. i can’t deal with people but have to buy food.

Sounds like it is probably hallucinations. It would be extremely weird for all of the employees to be saying derogatory things to customers and not get their butts fired. Other people would have complained, and trust me, rude people are rude to everyone, not just one person in particular. I worked as a cashier for a short while and if we had said anything like that to a customer, we would have been fired on the spot. Even saying “that white woman” in front of customers could have gotten us written up because it is rudeness that also gets racial. No way that would have been allowed. But even if it’s hallucinations it would still be very stressful.